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Bringing your holiday home

So often we go on a holiday and have the best times of our lives, only to come back with just a tan and a handful (or phonefull) of holiday snaps to remember it by.

flatlay travel blogger city break

Some of my best trips have been city breaks and I always bring something back from them. Often it’ll be a kitsch snow-globe as well as something random, like on my recent girls holiday to Berlin– I brought back a Frog Hook from an antiques market there.

I was recently was asked to create a composition or a Flatlay (if you speak the lingo!) inspired by my holidays and city breaks and this is what I came up with.

classic old fashioned city breaks in europe

Bringing your holidays into your home isn’t hard. If you want to recreate that cute little cafe, in your kitchen, or even just the mood of your holiday with colour and cheerful, travel orientated objects. You can do it just by adding a couple of items.

  • Anything with arrows or wheels adds a fun “lets go!” vibe.
  • The red gingham linen I’ve used here epitomises French cafe’s, so think about colours and patterns of where you want to encapsulate
  • Look for classic food packaging that you can reuse. The San Pellegrino bottle here is a good example, as are the Bonne Maman jam jars. These could be home to tealight or candles, or flowers. Whatever works for you.
  • Get into the habit of seeking out the same kind of souvenir from your travels, start a collection of photo booth strips from around the world, or a vintage trinket that will always remind you of that special moment on holiday. Whatever you are drawn to.

10 thoughts on “Bringing your holiday home”

  1. Ah, this is a cute idea. We normally bring home a cheesy fridge magnet, it has become a bit of tradition, but I like the idea of a bottle or jar from a memorable holiday meal to style at home 🙂


  2. Lovely idea, it’s always nice to be reminded of holidays. I buy nice postcards of favourite views to bring home and pop on the inspiring memo board above my desk.


  3. Love these ideas. Now trying to think about how I can bring Cornwall into my London flat… I’m guessing the regular consumption of jam and scones doesn’t count?


  4. I like to bring back some kind of artwork that reminds me of my trips. It helps me to remember the nice places I’ve been when I look around my home on a dreary rainy summer’s day.


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