inspiring interior bloggers uk

15 Inspiring Interior Blogs

Today I’m sharing with you some of the interior blogs I follow.

These ladies are all based in the UK so are dealing with similar homes to you and I, where often sizing and dimensions of rooms are factors when it comes to redecorating. This I think is crucial when looking for inspiration online- finding someone who has perhaps dealt with a similar renovation situation to you is great.

inspiring interior bloggers uk

Some of these writers have different tastes to my own, but what I like about these bloggers is that their content is about real homes and aspirational ideas for the home too. These blogs are good to reference for things like budget decor, DIY tips and shopping guides. When it comes to decorating your own home these interior blogs might just be able to help and inspire you

So read on and maybe bookmark this post for future reference.

  1. Dear Designer– Carole is an interior designer and her blog always features some exciting new interior idea or product. It’s very trend led and I often will see things first here before they go mainstream. Carol also shares her interior design jobs and makeovers.
  2. Fifi McGee– Tells stories on her blog of decorating and DIY and has a really lovely chatty way of writing. She is about to move house I believe, so prepare for the renovation posts, and her telling it like it is about being on the property market.
  3. Well I Guess This Is Growing Up– Karen is a fellow Greater Manchester blogger and I’ve the pleasure of knowing her in real life. She has a lovely Victorian home and blogs about its renovations and family (and budget) friendly interior design with a large dose of colour and fun.
  4. A Residence– Bit of a unique story behind Penny’s blog, in 2014 it was bought by online homeware retailer Wayfair. She still has creative control through and covers a broad spectrum of home themes including family homes, travel and relationships- she regularly asks, “what makes a happy home?”
  5. Love Chic Living– Jen is Pinterest Queen (over a million followers) and it’s no surprise really when you see all the inspiring content on her blog. She has taken blogging into another level and it has lead to all kinds of interesting opportunities for her, including presenting on QVC!
  6. The Ana Mum Diary– Is a lifestyle blog with a large interiors section where she cover new trends and DIYs. She also has a great travel section on her blog. I particularly love the recent garden room she had installed in her back garden- an inspirational summerhouse!
  7. The White Approach– As you can probably tell by the blog title Karen’s blog is all about using White in the home. With a house full of boys the fact white walls can quickly be repainted is one of the many pluses in using one colour throughout. White is her passion and she has renovated her Art Deco home in Devon using white and the Scandinavian style.
  8. Molly & the Princess– Molly is a an art historian (with a bicycle named Princess) so has a keen eye for asthetics and beautiful suroundings. Lending itself perfectly for writing about interiors, she focusses on simple but stylish living. Based in Devon she also champions local businesses on her blog.
  9. Pippa Jameson Interiors– Pippa is an interior stylist and also works on TV. You might have seen her on ITV in “Bad Builders Bang to Rights”. With a stellar track record and CV full of brilliant collaborations Pippa’s blog is a place for her to share her tips on styling, upcoming trends and interior news.
  10. The Design Sheppard – Another Devonian (what is going on down there?)! Stacey covers a wide range of interior and design subjects on her blog. Including interviews with makers and designers. Stacey is at the tail end of renovating her bathroom, which I’ve kept a keen eye on. She has come across similar issues to our bathroom situation- the smallness being one of them!
  11. Renovation Bay-Bee– Stephanie’s blog is a family orientated home blog. She has three children and writes about family life and her 1960s home renovation. She has been through a lot with her home and it is inspiring to see what she has managed to achieve, especially as lots of her projects are done on a very tight budget.
  12. #TidyLife– Another real life chum and fellow local blogger Antonia, who loves to share inspiring ideas for home and garden. Helping readers improve their homes in affordable ways is a key part of #TidyLife’s ethos and family living plays a huge part. Antonia has also recently remodelled her bathroom and I’ve had my beady eye espcially on these posts.
  13. Arianna’s Daily– Arianna’s blog is more lifesyle but it does have a large amount of interiors articles due to her work as interior designer and stylist. She has a fondness for Instagram and her hashtag #prettydoortraits is well worth a look. The photography is always stunning on this blog too- very aspirational.
  14. Fresh Design Blog– Founded in 2009 Rachel’s blog is one of the ones I came across when I first started to look at interior bloggers and blogging (years ago). It’s a huge blog in terms of content and covers a wide range of interior topics and for the modern home and garden.
  15. Thrifty Home– Blogger Becky has been writing for nearly 10 years across a number of blogs. This one is my favourite though due to its practical advice and down to earth tips, as well as the obvious thriftiness that is the overall theme to this blog. She includes DIY’s and upcycling too.
 Do you have any to add the list? Where does your home inspiration come from?

5 responses to “15 Inspiring Interior Blogs”

  1. A great list Susie. Thanks for including me. xx


  2. Aw thanks for the lovely words Susie and including me.
    Always great to meet bloggers IRL and share the love! 🙂


  3. Thanks for including me in such great company! x


  4. What a lot of talent! thank you for including me x


  5. Such a great list, there are so many useful options, thanks for sharing!


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