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Selvedge Magazine

Is there something in the air? Perhaps it is the Spring feeling of new beginnings and fresh starts. But I think my sewing mojo could be returning.

This has in no doubt been helped by two things:

fairy tale fashion new york exhibition selvedge magazine

The first is the return of the Great British Sewing Bee. A brilliant (better in my opinion) new judge is on hand ~ Esme Young. So stylish, so straight talking and so watchable.

The programme itself makes me shout at the telly a fair bit, despite its gentleness. Sometimes internally, often actually out loud… I often wonder how some of the contestants ended up there. Many of them seem to lack imagination, or so it seemed in a recent episode when they were let loose on a huge maternity dress only for most of them to make up virtually the same pencil skirt shape, in a task supposed to show off their creativity.

So I’ve that feeling of *I’m sure I could do better* (can I?) and along with reading the latest issue of Selvedge Magazine, which has masses of creativity squeezed into its pages. Not quite the opposite to the Sewing Bee but coming at sewing and textiles from a different point of view.

hydrangea fashion photography textiles magazine feat oleg oprisco

Selvedge Magazine celebrates the art in textiles, pushing the possibilities of textiles and explores the vast history of sewing, fabric, fashion and textiles. It also includes travel and interiors, always linking back with its textile theme.

This is issue 70 and its theme is Delicate. The hydrangeas on the front cover epitomise the feeling of delicacy- shot by Ukrainian photographer Oleg Oprisco, who uses a film camera bought from a flea market.

There are some really in-depth, interesting articles and features inside this magazine. The type you’d go back to in the future- this is definitely not a read it and throw it magazine. It’s more of a sit down with a pot of tea and get absorbed and inspired, type of magazine.

It has got me wanting to dig all my vintage fabrics out and my unfinished sewing projects and get to work.

Japanese textiles in selvedge magazine

Selvedge Magazine also features the pick of the best fashion and textile exhibitions worldwide. The shot at the top of this post is taken from a fashion and fairy tale exhibition in New York… Fancy a trip?

I found Selvedge magazine hugely inspiring and I think you will too. Often these days I just turn to Pinterest when looking for inspiration, but its so good to know there are still great magazines curating and gathering original and exhilarating content.

oleg oprisco dreamy fashion photography floral design

5 responses to “Selvedge Magazine”

  1. What a beautiful magazine!! Count me in 🙂


  2. What a fantastic read! I’d have loved this magazine when I was a textile art student 🙂


  3. Done! Always love a new magazine to read and I’ve always heard great things about Selvedge 😉 A x


  4. I’m the same with physical brochures and/or magazines.
    Yes I use Pinterest and work in digital, but there is such a distinction between scrolling on your phone to sitting down with a brew and flicking through actual pages. Completely different vibe, and I love the laid back feeling to having a physical magazine to read.
    Never actually heard of this title before – going to check it out! x


  5. Oh we love the Great British Sewing Bee too 🙂 I’ve entered, my eldest daughter would love this magazine x


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