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Nine Instagram Hashtags I Love

Hello! Today I want to share with you some of my current favourite Instagram hashtags.

instagram hashtags to use now

The trick is, when using hashtags on Instagram, to use relevant ones to what your image is actually about or what it contains. Adding hashtags is like joining a club, its only worth it if it is relevant to you.

Also, the newer and perhaps smaller Instagram hashtags are much more enjoyable to join in with. Your photo is more likely to be seen by similar users, getting more interaction and giving you that feeling of warmth inside (Yey people like my picture!) after all Instagram is about the community.

  1. #sgiew this one is, “So Good In Every Way” and it’s fun because there is a different theme every week, creating a community all of its own.
  2. #DSpink the almighty Design*Sponge has a variety of different hashtags, some of which are huge, but at the time of writing this new Pink themed hashtag is quite new and still small enough to be worth joining in with. It goes without saying it is a very pretty gallery.
  3. #athingforbricks the lovely Kat Got The Cream has started this hashtag as a celebration of the variety of brickwork and stonework we often see and perhaps take for granted. Beautiful red brick buildings, Yorkshire stone walls and more feature.
  4. #BretonLoversUnite ahem! Yes this is my hashtag, but I’m loving seeing everyones stripes. Do join in!
  5. #ihavethisthingwithknockers of the front door variety- obviously. This is the smallest hashtag on this list. But it has masses of potential!! Some corkin’ knockers on there already. Do check it out.
  6. #tfiSpring the brainchild of Insta Queen’s Sara and Emma who both are just damn well pleased winter is on its way out. Expect gorgeous pictures of blossom, blue skies and lambs frolicking.
  7. #inspirationiscolour this one is a celebration of the colour in the everyday. Notice too the UK spelling of colour, many of the bigger hashtags about colour are from the USA as in Color, so nice to have a UK specific one. Created by LucyLovesYa
  8. #colorshare Shannon and Kimberly have teamed up for this colourful hashtag project where their community shares colour within their homes, in a quest to banish the beige! A roundup of each of the their favourites happens over on their blogs every month.
  9. #colormyjoy I’ll be totally upfront, I have no idea who started this tag but I love it, if its you give me a shout! Another colourful one too but lovely as its such a small community at the moment.

What are your favourite hashtags at the moment? Do tell me in the comments and I’ll be sure to take a look.

find the best instagram hashtags for you


11 thoughts on “Nine Instagram Hashtags I Love”

  1. I love the colour ones, particularly UK versions.

    I’m a big fan of #ceilinggoals- SO pretty.
    And #interiorsgeek- hardly used but a term I feel best describes my place in the blogging world so I use it frequently 🙂


  2. I’m only just getting my head around instagram and only recently started using hashtags. So thanks for introducing me to these. I’ll be lost for hours now checking them all out lol.


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