chanel handbag and life stories

Handbags as history

Last week I had a invitation to attend an evening of handbags.

Yes an evening of handbags, and cocktails and food! Perhaps the perfect recipe for an evening out?

It was the Spring/Summer Preview of the MyBag collections held at Artisan in Spinningfields, Manchester. And to mark the occasion I thought it fitting to bring out my Chanel handbag from semi early handbag and life stories

The enforced early retirement of this bag is more through the arrival of the girls then any other reason by the way.

Lets just say this; You cant carry nappies in a Chanel 2.55 handbag.

Digging this bag out from my collection, out of its dust-bag, brought back so many memories. The time I bought it (Chanel staff sale), the dates I took it on with the man who is now my husband, the time I spilled salsa on it in the cinema (I nearly cried).

It made me think that although some may see handbags as trivial and materialistic objects, in fact for me and I’m sure many others, handbags are so much more. They are part of the history of your life, part of the stories you tell to family and friends.

Wearing and using this handbag again made me feel great. It made me feel happy that I’ve kept it all these years, its over a decade old. There have been times in the past where I could have done with the extra cash I would get through selling it, but it has always been been in the protected part of my heart and I never could.

I see this classic handbag as an investment, as something I will eventually give to one (or both!?) of my daughters as a heirloom, part of my legacy. I will pass on the stories that come with it too.

My favourite handbags from the MyBag showcase were by Aspinal of London, Lulu Guinness,  and The Cambridge Satchel. Any of which could easily be a heirloom handbag.

It was a really fun event, I even had my hair done in a Game of Thrones style braid thanks to the Red Angel Hair ladies.braids handbags event manchester

Photo by Garry @photogfinch see more images from the evening here.

Do you have a handbag that you just couldn’t part with? I’d love to hear your handbag history stories in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “Handbags as history”

  1. Oh that’s such a beautiful bag! I’ve never invested in a handbag before but I admit it’s tempting. I love the idea of passing it down to your daughters – what a treasure! Sounds like a great night too 🙂 xxx


  2. That’s so true about handbags being a part of your history. As a handbag hoarder, I finally had to have a handbag clearout last year, which was incredibly hard. Every one of the bags I got rid of had a history to them – it was fascinating when I went through them and all the memories they brought back. Some were funny little anecdotes, others related to the people I was with when I used them or where I was. They were all so much more than ‘just’ a bag.


  3. Oh man! Love your Channel. I used to be a total bag whore. Balenciagas were my complete addiction. I had a few. Then as you say, kids come and life and priorities change. I sold my last Balenciaga to pay for my quartz worktop in my kitchen. Says it all really 🙂
    ps. Hair looks rockin!


  4. My handbag collection means so much! I have over 70… Many have different meanings to me (first job interview, PhD interview, graduation etc). I love your Chanel bag, I really do need to invest in more designer bags 🙂


  5. I love how you descried that feeling that your Chanel bag gives you. I feel the same… I am not a bag’s person, but I love to invest in unique bags and cherish them forever. All my bags are either vintage or more on the expensive side. And I have most of them for years… I love them 🙂


  6. Ahhhh what a lovely post and that Chanel bag is gorgeous! I have a few bags where I hold special memories – the older they get the better I say 🙂 xxx


  7. You have my dream Chanel bag. I still to this day do not own one and it makes me ache.

    I have an addiction to handbags. They are a piece of Art in their own rights in my view.

    Sounds like a fun evening.


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