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Really Affordable Wall Art

Today I’m sharing a really easy, and best of all cheap, way to create your own wall art for your home.

With the rise of visual sharing streams like Instagram and Pinterest, more and more people are getting into photography. And getting good at it. The fact that digital means you can see your shot instantly means you can usually reshoot until you are happy with it.

Why not display some of your favorite shots in your home as personalised wall art?cake wall art from instagram

In the U.S these types of prints are called Engineering prints, I found in the UK they are more commonly known as Plan prints.

I first saw this over on Lay Baby Lay- seriously check it out its stunning. She also includes a great tutorial.

I wanted to give it a try so chose this image of a cake I took. This type of printing is supposed to be grainy and a bit vintage room wall art

The place I used for this print is StressFreePrint and it cost me just under £15, I went for a custom size, a square as the image was square from being edited in Instagram. I went for colour as I think food photography is so much better with colour than without.

Just a note- you might get an email from them saying your image is going to look grainy, or maybe along the lines of- are you sure you want a Plan Print, not a regular photo/poster print… I think its perhaps not a a regular thing people order massive pictures of cake, so I just went for it and insisted it was what I wanted.

I’ve taped this wall art up with washi tape in my youngest’s room, it is actually an image of her birthday cake from last year so it seemed rather fitting that it should go in her room.wall art plan printing

I do think these types of prints look great in black and white though, and I’d definitely do this again. It makes a great focal point for any room, and is so affordable that it could even be a temporary thing perhaps as part of decorations for a birthday or other special event.

There’s some more of these prints and ideas on how to use them and display them over at Apartment Therapy. Go check it out and let me know if you make one.

16 thoughts on “Really Affordable Wall Art”

  1. You’re so right about people getting so much better at photography. Love printing out some of our own stuff at home but it’s great to know you can get pieces printed much bigger for a few quid. Looks great!!x


  2. Fantastic picture. I am quite new to instagram and only just getting the hang of taking pictures but I think I might give this a go, XK


  3. Great idea, I just need to get more photos off my mac and onto my walls! Lovely pic you chose there, I want to lick the wall now though!


  4. I love it, and thank you for the links!
    The price is good too – I am always interested in small DIY projects – not too expensive, not too hard to make. This is definitely one. Lovely blog, Susie!



  5. How lovely! I shall certainly remember this as I often feel spaces around our home need a bit of wall art. It’s a really nice idea to display your daughter’s birthday cake! xx


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