easy camera case hack

Easy Camera case makeover

Today I want to share with you a really easy way of personalising a camera case.

I got my camera as a Christmas gift from my husband and love it already, although I’m still using the auto mode. It’s just so easy on auto!

So I was on the look out for something to protect it, a case. I’ll be carrying it in my handbag when out and about so it wasn’t a camera bag I was after, just a case to stop it from getting bashed whilst inside my handbag.

I’m not a massive fan of the regular camera cases, the branded ones tend to be black nylon type affairs which isn’t very me.camera case floral personalised

So I had a look on eBay where there is a huge variety to choose from… At this point I had started to think about personalising a case using fabric paint but had no definite idea.

I found many of the cases were artificial leather and were really inexpensive so if I didn’t like my creation I could buy another without any great loss. I went for a white PU case (this one) for my Sony A5000- there are loads on eBay, in a variety of different colours. I thought white would work best as a blank canvas for any designs I created.

It took ages to arrive though. I didn’t realise it was from China when I bought it, there are Uk sellers, bear that in mind.how to personalise your gadget case

So what I did in the end was more a serendipity than a plan. Playing with my eldest one afternoon in the Christmas holidays she’d got some faux tattoos from Father Christmas, and I had a stash I sometimes raided of my own. So we were basically playing temporary tattoo parlours (I know- ha?!)

Anyway I had a brainwave and I used faux tattoos to decorate the case.

I applied the tattoos in the same way they are applied to the skin, just using water. To be honest I thought they would just peel or slide off. But they didn’t! Three months later they are still firmly in place and my camera case looks ace!faux tattoo camera case

The faux tattoos I used for this projects were from

  • Tattoorary-  beautiful floral faux tattoos!
  • M&S- in the kids section, I cant find them online so unsure if these are still available
  • Tattify bird fake tattoos
  • Instagram- I went on an Instameet and got a IG logo faux tattoo
  • Rosie Wonders- I’ve just found these illustrative faux tattoos and will be adding some from this selection.

I’ve not tried it yet but I think this would work on any gadget case, provided it was a faux leather PU type material. I’m also loving the fact that these images are now not temporary but are seemingly very permanent!

Let me know if you try it.camera case hack diy craft tattoo flower

27 thoughts on “Easy Camera case makeover”

  1. Oh, I have that camera! Would love to know how you plan to get yourself off Auto… I haven’t found the instructions very helpful. Have you found any resources specific to this camera?


    1. Hiya!! Yes I totally agree. I’ve found that searching for blogs or articles that feature it helps a little. but think I just need a lengthy period to play around with it. Are you enjoying using it?


  2. I love it! i have similar camera case for my instax and i think i am rudely going to steal it haha 😀 love the flower motives!well done you!


  3. What a fantastic idea, your case looks gorgeous now! I’m searching for a case for my camera at the moment and am not keen on all the plain black ones, so will definitely be thinking of personalising it now.


  4. You are a clever cookie, Susie! I missed this when you posted it on IG, but saw it in Kimberly’s colorshare post and had to hop over immediately to see how you did it! Faux tattoos – genius! I’ve never given faux tattoos any thought before. Now I’m looking around to see what I can transform with faux tattoos! Beautiful job on the camera case, and good to hear they adhere so well!


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