Dungarees & Daydreams


Today I’m sharing a bit of a miracle with you… After about 18 months of searching I’ve finally found some dungarees that fit me *high five*!

This is my excited face …excited to find dungarees that fit my tall body

The problem I have when looking for all-in-ones is that I’m taller than average. I’m 5’10 so being a lanky sort doesn’t really help when searching for dungarees.

As you know, I’m also a bit of a fusspot too and there has been other “tall” dungarees that I’ve spotted, but they’ve either had an unflattering pinafore/bib part, or been too clown like or the wrong, flimsy kind of fabric.

You see I’m no rake so I need to accommodate and flatter my curves too.

I’ve loved all-in-ones for a while. Be it jumpsuit, boiler suit, overalls or dungarees I just love the practicality of them. My red jumpsuit is one of my favorite outfits.

Now this outfit, and especially these dungarees, will be getting worn a lot. I love the fact you can dress them up or down.

I’m wearing them here with a red blouse, which can be daywear but it’s probably something I’d personally wear in the evening (or a lunch date with the Mr, which is exactly what we were doing) with a necklace underneath the collar. Both the blouse and the dungarees are from Long Tall Sally and I am pleased not to feel like an orangutan in this blouse- the sleeves are actually long enough for a change!tall long black dungarees stridebyAnd as for the dungarees I’ve even had to ROLL THEM UP!!

I’m really still in shock about this, they are technically too long… This has never happened to me. I’m able to have turn ups which is a look I would’ve gone for anyway, but the turn ups aren’t around my calves.longtallsally dungarees

It’s safe to say I’m impressed with these dungarees. The fabric is sturdy but with a small amount of give and the body is long enough so I can sit down without feeling uncomfortable (you know what I mean, right!?). The straps are adjustable and they are black, what’s not to love?laughing dungarees and red blouse

Outfit details;

  • Blouse and dungerees c/o Long Tall Sally
  • Shoes are by Red or Dead (so comfy) at Schuh
  • Lion Face bag by Jane Foster (actually a knitting bag!) at Amara
  • Leather jacket (just seen) is an oldie but find similar here and here

15 thoughts on “Dungarees & Daydreams”

  1. You look fab!!! I’ve been searching for the perfect pair for ages now but have a similar but different problem … I’m bustier than the average lady. There has been some wonderful comedy moments in changing rooms where the top bit sits right in the middle of my chest and I have one boob either side. Not a good look. Really not a good look 😉


    1. Hahaha! OMG I know what you mean- that happened to me before, they are tricky to get right, which is why I’m so excited about the fact I’ve found some!


  2. Glad you finally found a pair you love. I have the opposite problem as I’m so short. If I wear cropped trousers they come right down to my ankles like normal trousers do lol. You look fab in these though and really happy too.


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