Understairs Storage Reveal

Today I’m sharing with you a some understairs storage we have had installed in eldest’s room.

You are probably thinking, is her bedroom on the ground floor?

Well it’s not. The under stairs bit comes from the fact that there was a staircase put in up to the loft, way before we moved in, and the attic was converted into a room. Here’s how it looked before (and tidy) note the pink tile on the floor, I’m planning on opening up that fireplace in the future. Pink fireplace tiles!!attic conversion created understairs area in bedroom

So, eldest’s room isn’t the lovely, big square that it probably was when the house was built. But is in fact very long and slim, with space for a wardrobe in one alcove and her bed against the opposite wall. And not much space for anything else.

When we first moved in we made it into a reading nook with a bookcase, chair, some toys etc and it really worked. But it was a pain to clean, constantly banging heads underneath… And obviously kids do that thing where they grow bigger (who knew!) and she soon got too tall to be able to enjoy the space under there too.

As you can imagine I’d been Pinning like a Pin crazed fiend, on a mission to get the best solution for our particular needs.

I found a company called Smart Storage Solutions which were just beginning to branch out into the UK from Ireland. I bookmarked it for when we were able to afford it.

We eventually had it done late last year, and to my surprise, the fitter completed the job in one day!understairs storage drawers

The process of purchasing the understairs storage was really simple;

  • I emailed over a photograph of the space and the measurements.
  • They recommended the same option as what I’d hoped would fit- great stuff.
  • They then book you in with a small deposit payment and a date when the work will be done.
  • The carpenter comes over and when you are happy with the job they take the rest of the payment.

The drawers, I believe, come in two depths and the wardrobe doors are made bespoke on the day of fit so they can get the exact measurements needed.understairs storage bedroom

We are incredibly happy with how this under stairs storage has transformed the room. I’ve taken some “real life” shots here to show you… Its not tidy but it is a six year olds room!

Have you though about doing something like this in your home? Most people would have it done under the main set of stairs in the hallway. Perfect for storing coats and shoes. This cost us around £900 and for the high quality service and bespoke nature or the work AND the space its given us it is well worth the money.

As you can see there is masses of space here. The difference is now, its usable.

make the most of the space under your stairs

19 responses to “Understairs Storage Reveal”

  1. That looks like super storage! Really makes good use of the space and looks really nice too 🙂


    1. Thanks- it has made a huge difference to the room


  2. A-ha!! We have been looking to do something like this with our understairs cupboard. I think this is the company that was on dragon’s den isn’t it? Really good to know someone who has had it done. Looks great! What kinds of finish is on the drawer fronts? Did you have options and are you able to paint them? Thanks for sharing chuck!x


    1. Yes I think they were on the telly! They give it the white undercoat which is how it is in the photos, just matt white, we’ve left it like this as the rest of her room is white. But yes easily paintable…


  3. Oh that’s such a clever use of space and wow, what a great price! I would have assumed bespoke units like that would have been much more! xx


  4. Oh good luck- I suppose it depends how handy he is!!


  5. What an excellent use of space, that works so much more efficiently now and looks very sleek when it’s all closed up!


    1. Yes it defo looks better when its closed up!!


  6. Well isn’t that super nifty – well done Sus! 🙂


  7. Looks great Susie and so much storage! x


  8. Brilliant storage solution! I absolutely love this concept x


  9. oh totally love it! brilliant solution!


    1. Ah thanks Anna! It really works doesn’t it!


  10. I LOVE this, its so cute and looks so tidy! xx


    1. Gosh Amy- you think so? I’m always on at her to keep it tidy!


  11. This is genius! Gonna save this to Pinterest for future reference… Also reminds me of Harry Potter and that can never be a bad thing!

    Rachel x


    1. Ha yes Rachel- gotta love a space under the stairs right!


  12. Innocent Charms Chats Avatar
    Innocent Charms Chats

    That looks like a fab job and so much excellent storage.
    Like having a mini walk in wardrobe. Quite jealous


    1. So am I Kara- so am I!!


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