luxaflex blinds duette insulation

Luxaflex Duette Blinds

Just before Christmas we had our sliding doors replaced which are situated at the back of our living room.

As I’ve said before our living room is South facing and gets a lot of sun. This is, of course, brilliant and I wouldn’t want to change this… But we do get a lot of glare and because this wall is basically floor to ceiling glass, the room can get incredibly bright and really hot in summer.

Previous to getting these glass doors replaced we’d had curtains across these doors, and although I like curtains, they just weren’t practical in this room.

You see when the sun comes through, it tends to be the central section that needs covering and we were having to draw the curtains completely to achieve some relief and shade. Then having to put a light on because it was gloomy in the room…

So it wasn’t working and I didn’t want to go back to this issue having just had these modern sliding doors put in.

The room seemed so much bigger now too, without the bulk of the curtains hanging at either side. So we needed a solution.

Step in Luxaflex, and their Duette Shades.

I realised a blind must be the solution to our glare problem. What impressed me about the Duette shades from Luxaflex was that they’d also insulate the room, as well as stopping the glare in a more bespoke way. They have a honeycomb structure which means the multi-layering acts as blanket when the blinds are down.luxaflex blinds duette insulationWe have got three blinds across the full width of the glass doors and even during these winter days they’ve been a huge benefit already. The sun is lower at this time of year so the binds- especially that middle one have been working hard for us even at this early stage.full length blinds stop glare

Just ignore the garden okay?? Needs a major overhaul!
luxaflex duette blinds

The room is noticeably warmer too, yes this will partly be because of the new doors, but there was about a three week gap over Christmas where we didn’t have anything up at all… And its definitely colder now than it was at Christmas- there’s even snow forecast for tomorrow!

Another great thing about the Luxaflex Duette Shades is the safety aspect, they feature a genius retractable pull cord. Which means the length of the cord always stays the same, no strings dangling around for little ones to get tangled up in. This clever aspect of the blinds also means that the blinds can be lowered with one simple action… Now I really wanted to get a little clip of the cord action but I haven’t figured out the video side to my new camera yet.

As you can probably tell I’m really impressed by these blinds and am looking at other windows in the house to see where else they would suit…

They are actually made to measure really locally to me in Stockport which is a lovely coincidence. You can get a closer look in your local John Lewis and you can find alternate showrooms here or you can book a free design consultation, where they’ll visit your home and measure up (massive weight off our mind with this). There a massive choice of colours and opacities, something to suit every type of interior.

sliding door shade solution

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  1. I’m really interested to hear about these blinds, as I need something for a big window and am unsure what to go for. I have to say they look really nice and the honeycomb structure is unusual and stylish. Hope you get much pleasure from them!


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