Bedroom Style, our makeover plans

Just this weekend I decided to make a massive list (you know how I love lists) of all the DIY and renovation projects we’d like to get done on the house this year.

There was the, “must do, cant wait any longer” list, and the, “stretching the budget/lottery win list”. Its good to have these ideas down on paper as I think it helps you plan them, especially the bigger projects that involve lots of jobs that need to be done methodically.

On the Must Do list is our bedroom. Its been three years since I wrote this Bedroom Dreaming post (back when we lived at the old house) and looking back its nice to see my tastes haven’t really changed.

Today I’m sharing how it looked when we first moved in (gasp!) and some shots of my inspiration for our future bedroom makeover.

We have done some renovation and remodeling in the bedroom, but its not finished. We want to give it a unique touch, as you know I like to do thing a little differently… There are some great achievable bedroom ideas here, in fact Carpetright are running a whole #DoItDifferently campaign through January- think DIY with an unconventional twist. I think I have too many ideas though! Is that even possible?

Anyway when we moved in there was some old carpet, two ill fitting wardrobes either side of the chimney breast and the chimney breast was wallpapered in some dark design that wasn’t too our taste.

I’ve finally managed to dig out the “before” photos that I took shortly after we moved in, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of how the bedroom looked previously.

Please bear in mind we’d just moved in- did strip the chimney breast though- you can still see the paper in the corners if you look carefully. The place, especially this room was a mess, I was almost 9 months pregnant with my youngest, and not able to do much- other than sleep.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So yeah, we didn’t have storage in the bedroom that worked.

This was a huge issue for us, so one of the first jobs we did was sort the storage out in here. We used the whole of the wall, including the chimney breast for our wardrobes. We basically put four sliding doors across on runners, and then a storage system inside.

Last year I ripped up the carpet and replaced the blind, but then other jobs become a priority and the bedroom got put on the back burner.

So what is the bedroom makeover plan?

We need to get the floor sanded and treated, paint the walls, finish the window dressing and sort out the headboard. Not too much right?

I really fancy an ornate headboard, it would give the room the wow factor. Headboards are a great way of adding a personal touch, I especially like the boutique hotel style tall tufted headboards– so luxurious. I also love the vintage style peacock headboards like this one below, although I’ve yet to find a UK stockist… Shout up if you’ve seen one please!

bohemian cane headboard

Find similar headboards/bedheads like this Peacock one here – in Australia!

I’m also really tempted to try the part painted wall look. I think it make the ceilings look higher and gives an elegance and warmth to the room.half painted mustard yellow wall bedroomPhoto from homeedit pink half painted wall bedroomPhoto from homelife

This pink one looks so fresh and elegant with the gray don’t you think?

We also want to sort out the ceiling light, we need something elegant but that doesn’t have a huge drop. Ideas on a postcard please, or just leave me a comment below.

Have you any room resolutions you want to get sorted soon? What is at the top of your list?

10 thoughts on “Bedroom Style, our makeover plans”

  1. Great inspiration. We have a antique chandelier but most of the chain has been removed so it doesn’t hang too low! No interior goals for me, just taking it easy for a few months! xx


  2. Ah, we’re kinda in the same boat: having just moved into our house, the bedroom needs quite a bit of attention (think mint green walls, fern green velvet curtains and a wood and glass ceiling light from the 50s!!!) with storage being the biggest problem! I love the idea of half-painted walls – maybe when I’m painting over the white 😉


  3. Oh so excited for you, I have my new bedroom ideas all in my head, Pantone colours of the year with some accents.

    I love the half painted wall, it gives such a tactile feel xxx


  4. Hi, I’ve just found your blog whilst looking for local vintagey stuff and noticed your plea for the peacock headboard. I like to think I can find anything on ebay and I found you this. I know it’s not exactly local but depending how much you want it, maybe not too far?? A quick coat of paint and it could look exactly like your inspiration photo ☺
    Love the blog btw


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