Changing windows with Purlfrost

Hello lovelies! Today I’m back with a bit of a wonder product that could change the way you use spaces in your home.

That is rather a large claim to make I know, but having used Purlfrost window films in two rooms in our house I’m convinced its true. Let me explain;

The first room is my eldest daughters bedroom. Its a large window right on the front of the house. My main issue here, as I’m sure you can guess is privacy. I was forever telling her to make sure she remembered to pull her blind down before getting dressed. Especially with the current darker nights and mornings- if she is in there with the light on, its like watching a TV screen from outside on the street.purlfrost kids room

So after discussing these needs with Purlfrost they suggest we choose from the All Over Pattern products. I let eldest choose from this range and she went for the dragonfly pattern which is part of the Nature range.dragonfly window stickers

Following the instructions that come with the Purlfrost products the window clings were easy to put up and surprisingly less time consuming than I had imagined.

Eldest can now have her blind open throughout the day, letting the natural daylight into her room and giving her blind a rest from going up and down all the time. Plus my mind can rest easy about her room being on the front of the house.

The other problematic window was downstairs in our living room. Its a long, thin window created by an extension previous owners had done.

When we moved in there was this awful brown tatty roller blind up there, which I’m ashamed to say we ended up living with because we wanted privacy whilst researching ideas. We took it down when we painted over summer and I ceremoniously threw it on the tip- there was no way it was going back up!live the little things victorian vintage window

So in keeping with the age of the house I rather fancied making this into a stained glass affair, the window is south facing so we’d still get a lot of light through it. We went for this Victorian Stained Glass design.

I absolutely love it. It has really changed the corner of this end of the living room, giving it a definite elegance it didn’t have before.peacock chair victorian window stained glass sticker

This one was a bit trickier to apply simply because it was one long strip, but still the desired effect was achieved really quickly.

You can probably tell we are thrilled with these transformations of our windows. I wouldn’t hesitate in using them again in the future.

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Changing windows with Purlfrost”

  1. Oh I love the stained glass effect! It looks absolutely beautiful! I used Purlfrost myself for the transom window above our front door – it looks like the number is ‘etched in’ and it was sooo simple. They are a great company 🙂 xx


  2. I love this! Did you use the frosted effect or the clear for your stained glass? You have inspired me to transform our hallway window – I love how many Purlfrost options there are 🙂


  3. Used the etched number effect above my door and for £30 it looks really sophisticated. Looking to add some Victorian style coverings to my freshly painted living room door. Love this company!


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