manchester hotel bedroom

Macdonald Townhouse Manchester

By happy accident I recently had the chance to stay the night in the Macdonald Townhouse on Portland Street in Manchester.

The building is somewhere I’ve always noticed as it is rather grand and has a beautiful façade, its also on on of the busiest roads in the city centre.

Formerly a cotton warehouse which was built in 1870, it now has Grade II listed status and is a four star hotel. It has been a hotel since 1982 and had a £3.5 million renovation in 2011.

The entrance is tucked down at the side on Princess Street and is fairly subtle, but once you are inside it feels modern and boutique like, without loosing too much of the original features. The best of which I think are the stunning Victorian sash windows. Manchester architecture is full of history and some of the buildings are stunning- this one included.manchester hotel review

This hotel feels luxurious without any of the pomp that can sometimes surround luxury hotels. I felt looked after without being smothered. My stay included breakfast and I must say it was one of the best I’ve had in a hotel- the bacon was gorgeous!

The room was generous and had great view of the bustling city below- without any of the noise. Those huge windows really frame any view perfectly and I could’ve easily sat by them to watch the world go by for some time. I love people watching and regularly makeup back stories for who they are and what they are doing… Do you do this?! Check out the view below!mcdonald townhouse hotel

The bathroom also felt very chic, all black tiling so was awful to photograph (blogger problems!) but the bath was so deep and felt like a real treat- I was staying alone so any bath undisturbed is a treat but this felt especially so. I’m including some photos I took whilst in the city that day on a photowalk with @igermcr.kendals manchester house of fraser

The bed was like some big happy cloud I could climb into at the end of the day- so comfortable and did I mention big? I treated myself to a dark rum and finally watching Bridesmaids all the way through- I know, I’m so late to the party with that one.manchester hotel bedroom

I’d stay here again in a heartbeat!st annes church manchestermanchester architecture

5 responses to “Macdonald Townhouse Manchester”

  1. Looks like a really nice hotel. I have been past it a lot, but never inside.


  2. It looks lovely and I adore the building – I thought it was NYC at first!


    1. I know what you mean! MCR has doubled for NYC a couple of times in films you know xxx


  3. Hey
    Great post

    I drive past this place all the time when working in Manchester, it looks amazing inside:)


    New post guys


  4. looks really cool, I wish I could stay in that room right now 🙂 xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


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