vintage repro star clock

Tick tock- check out this clock!

 I can be a real fusspot when it comes to choosing things for my home. I call it discerning, some might call it difficult to please.

I’d often rather live with something that needs replacing a little bit longer, than rush in and buy the first thing that almost fits the bill. I’d rather wait until its as close to 100% right for us (and my fusspot tastes) than have to live with something I bought more for conveniences sake, and that I don’t really swoon over every time I use it or see it.

You could say this about timepieces and clocks- we’ve hardly got any in the house, in fact, until now we’ve only had four;

  • A vintage Muppet Show clock in eldest’s room (via eBay)
  • A red diner style clock in the kitchen (charity shop)
  • A sixties style one on my bedside
  • A small ornate clock on the mantelpiece

Well I’m pleased to tell you we’ve now got five. vintage repro star clock

I’ve been after a fifties starburst clock for a while (similar to these) but I kept finding ones in need of repair and others just simply beyond my budget.

The folk at Vita Interiors must have somehow known about my fifties clock needs and seemingly answered them too.

They are currently stocking a range of reproduction George Nelson pieces, including clocks, and the fifties modernist style really comes through in these designs.

George Nelson and his design team were hugely influential across the area of interior and industrial design. His style and themes have been much copied since the fifties and sixties-  find out more about him here. I’m sure you’ll recognise the midcentury elements in his designs coming through into modern furniture and décor, especially as there is a real interest currently for products with a bit of heritage or a story about them.

So we’ve popped our clock in the dining room. I chose this particular one because I felt it looked like the points on a compass and with my love of maps, especially old ones, I think it really works, You might have seen the Dining Room Mural post I did, where I’ve pasted a huge vintage atlas onto one wall. On another wall I’ve a collection of prints and drawings which are all of Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay, so there’s definitely a loose pirate ships cabin theme occurring… In a classy vintage way obviously…I should have moved the Sky box out of the way right!! I tried let me tell you *face palm*.

One response to “Tick tock- check out this clock!”

  1. OOOh…love that clock! Lust!! Envy!! Enjoy!


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