Making Spaces at home

Over the summer I was involved with an exciting and creative campaign for home insurance…

Yes I said exciting and home insurance in the same sentence! Is that even possible?

In this case Yes.

I was asked to take part in a filming and interview session at my house, with the project title “Making Spaces”.

Cue a panic about the house being tidy and clean (ish!) for a film crew to come over. The idea behind it was so interesting to me though, that I jumped at the chance to be involved.

The premise is that when people think of home insurance and what they insure, it’s usually televisions and computers,  perhaps a couple of pieces of furniture and jewellery.

But what about the things that actually make your house a home? What makes your space?

What about those things your parents might have given you- furniture for example.

Or those hand-thrown plates that you picked up on your honeymoon to Greece?

Or that odd collection of African masks you’ve spent time curating from car boot sales?

My point is, that sometimes its the things in your home that make it your home. These are the things that could be more difficult to replace- even impossible. Usually, because they are very old or one of a kind, or simply a sentimental item.

As you probably know if you are a regular reader- so much of my home is a mixture of second-hand furniture, pieces from my parents, eBay wins, vintage fair finds and charity shop treats that this campaign suited me down to the ground. Having said that I do love my mod cons- you probably know my kitchen is Ikea, installed in January this year and I’m still in love with it nine months later.

Mixing old with new is something I love to do in my home, I’ve talked before about how I love the stories behind objects and heirloom pieces. One of which is the table I mentioned in the clip below. This table isn’t all singing and dancing, but its a workhorse. It’s solid oak and was given to us by my parents, and they were given it by my mum’s parents- so it must be around sixty years old at least.

I love the fact my Grandparents owned this table first. Their house was always an exciting place to visit as a child and it’s probably where my taste for the eclectic comes from.

One of the things I find when looking at older furniture is that it is generally made so well. With Dovetail joints and other details that you dont tend to find as often these days. It was a real craft then I guess, things were more handmade than manufactured.

I was in great company on this project with two brilliant interiors bloggers doing the same at their respective homes; Kimberly from Swoonworthy and Jesse from Hecticophilia. Its so interesting to see the other films and the things Kimberley and Jesse hold dear.


The Cherry glassware in the clip above is one of my treasured finds from my local charity shop. The two Lemon ones I’ve had for a while longer, about three years, they were also from a Charity shop. But they are all from Italy and made in the same era of the 60s.

I love the bright colours and bold graphic style of the fruit and they are the perfect glassware for summer days when I can pretend I’m in sixties Italy (!!).
Making Spaces at home with Old Fashioned Susie.

I teamed up with Together Mutual Insurance (@TogetherIns) to tell the story of my prized belongings. Make sure everything you own is safe from damage, theft or loss by reading their helpful guide about insuring home furnishings and treasured possessions.

7 responses to “Making Spaces at home”

  1. I love how weird and wonderful your collection of “stuff” are, Susie! They’re such a mish-mash but work so well together, it’s insane!! If I could afford it one day, I’d want you to design my home definitely!!!

    Oliver //


    1. Wow! Thanks Oliver!


  2. You come across really well in these videos – and I love the way you emphasise the practicality as well as the stylishness of your table and drawers xx


    1. Ah thanks lovely! Its got to be practical and pretty really hasn’t it if its in your home.


  3. We have a mix of old new, found and given, antique and IKEA in our home so it’s great to have stumbled into your blog today. Interesting point about how much we overlook re: insurance. [Although I wonder if my old book/ephemera collection is only worth something in *my* eyes!]


    1. Haha- I know what you mean! But its sometimes surprising what it would cost to rebuy things, although its the sentimental value that you cant put a price on


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