New shoes, new shoooooesss!

Hey gang! How are you? Today I’m sharing a quick outfit I wore last week to an event in Manchester at the Thunderegg shop.

The event was hosted by Manchester WI and Thunderegg was offering 10% off on the evening. It was also to raise awareness and cash for the Womanchester statue campaign.

 “The W♀Manchester Statue Project is about celebrating the significant role that women have played in the city. At present 16 out of the 17 statues in the City Centre are of men. The exception is Queen Victoria. The unveiling of this new statue will help address this inequality.”

It was the perfect outing for my new shoes. Isn’t that what September is all about new shoes and new stationery??

September is also my birthday so I’ve strong happy associations with this month, it the start of autumn too or an Indian Summer if we are lucky. Fresh starts, with a feeling that anything can happen if you just try hard enough. The new academic year, and did I mention new shoes? Its kind of a tradition I think.

I’d been um’ing and ah’ing over these shoes for ages. They are by Red or Dead and they are so popular they are a permanent fixture in every collection. Their name is Jade and I might be a little in love. I’m not sure why I took so long to decide to go for them but I’m glad I did. They even have that sweet childlike style of school shoes from my childhood which adds to the charm and they are so comfy.

susan earlam manchesterI teamed them with Gap Tall Navy khakis, Tara Starlet blouse, M&S bowler hat and my Monsoon Kids handbag.

I’m finding I go to Gap more and more for trousers and jeans- their Tall range seems perfect for my length and proportions.

You may notice that pink plastic bag in my hand too…. Ah well I had to treat myself seeing as its my birthday month? I bought an Erstwilder brooch (click for a piccy)– what a great brand that is! Seriously if you love vintage, kitsch and colour, you’ll love Erstwilder products. I will be adding a few to my wish list for sure.

What does September mean for you?

5 responses to “New shoes, new shoooooesss!”

  1. Those are fun shoes! I love September as well.. I think it feels more like a new start than January (but maybe it’s because I’m a teacher!)


  2. I love your outfit and Thunder Egg is a great store, I love all of quirky little bits & bobs as well as the clothing! Xx


  3. Ooooh I’ve never been to Thunderegg, where is it? And its NEVER bad to buy new shoes 😉 xxx


    1. Its just along from Fig & Sparrrow on Oldham Street, thanks lovely x


  4. Great look! I love the shirt


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