african masks mirror wooden fire surround mantelpiece

Time out for catching up

Well hello there!

I took some time out this week as I had rather a big project in the wings. I’ve still been around on my social media channels but a blog post just seemed too much.

You might have seen I had a film crew at my house this week and we’d decided that the living room needed repainting before they arrived. What a job that was!! We always buy B&Q’s “one coat” Antique White for our wall and ceilings in the house but we always end up doing about three coats… If anyone actually just does one coat with this I’ll be amazed. Anyway fitting it around the kids and my husband obviously still having to go to work was a bit of a nightmare but now its done it looks SO much better.

So some time out was well deserved. I read this on The Middle Finger Projects Facebook page recently and it really stuck;

“Decide what’s important because in 5 years, 80% of what you do today will not turn into anything. It’s just busywork, no useful outcome.
Sleep, food and exercise can help you triple your outcome, because they increase focus, motivation and energy levels.”*

So I have be resting a lot and sleeping a bit more these past few days and after taking some time out I feel ready to get back on the horse.

So “What was the filming for?”, I hear you cry!

The project is about irreplaceable things in the home- so as you probably know in my home there is lots of market finds, charity shop bargains and hand-me down bits and bobs. A lot of it I couldn’t just go out and buy again…. I’ll fill you in with more detail soon and I’ll be sharing the films here and on my social media in August and September time so look out for them!african masks mirror wooden fire surround mantelpiece

This is my mantelpiece in my living room with my African mask collection, some of eldest’s art work, plants and a new addition I bought today from Homesense- a big S!

How do you know when to take time out? And how do you do it?

See you soon


*Taken from this Time Saving Hacks article

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