The tale of the Heirloom Blazer

We all have items of clothing that are special to us.

Whether its that pair of designer shoes you finally treated yourself to or that vintage scarf your grandma gave you… There are things in your wardrobe that are precious and speak to you of a special time, person or moment.

I like to call these my heirloom pieces- things I’ll pass down to my girls when they are older. I’ll tell them the story of the why, or the who, or the where, and then they can add their own memories to it.

One of these pieces I’ve recently rediscovered lurking in my wardrobe.

And the story is this;

  • One day boy meets girl.
  • Boy whisks girl off to Rome after only 4 weeks of knowing each other.
  • Boy and girl fall in love.
  • Boy insists on buying girl something nice from a posh shop on Rome’s Via Condotti .
  • Girl not really into that sort of thing, but agrees to browse said posh shops.
  • Girl eventually finds something she actually likes (she’s a bit fussy about clothes) in Armani.
  • Boy treats her to the stripy blazer (January 2006)

stripes and spots vintage bag

Do you have heirloom pieces in your wardrobe?

This blazer reminds me of that trip to Rome, how I felt going into the designer shops, the light outside, the hot chocolate’s in the piazza’s, the absent minded strolling we did through the most beautiful city. And falling for the man who would become my husband.

Here I’m wearing it with;

  • Spotty George at Asda top (see previous outfit details)
  • Gap jeans & belt
  • Nine West Gladiator sandals
  • Vintage saddle bag

Come to think of it this bag is also a heirloom piece. It was given to me by my mum to wear for a family wedding in Dorset when I was about ten years old… That is twenty four years ago!!

Its probably from the 1970s and on the small side but it makes a lovely change from carrying around my regular bag which always seems to be overflowing with stuff.

7 responses to “The tale of the Heirloom Blazer”

  1. lovely outfit – i’ve got quite a few heirloom pieces inc handbags – I’ve got a similar (slightly larger) saddlebag which was given to me by my mum in the 1970s 🙂


    1. They are such lovely leathers aren’t they!


  2. Ah what a lovely thing to do! I have boys so can’t really do this, but it’s a great idea to keep just one or two things to hand down in time 🙂 #ShareFriday


    1. It doesn’t have to be clothes Karen- could be anything you like xx


  3. I’ve still got a few 1990s pieces kicking around. Not as impressive a label as Armani mind you, it’s all things like Etam and C&A.


    1. C&A was my favorite shop as a child!


  4. That’s a gorgeous outfit. I have a couple of Karen millen vintage things which I love so much. If I ever have a daughter they’ll go to her. I actually just thought of that last bit 🙂


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