Bedroom updates

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of updates we’ve made to our bedroom.

We are trying to streamline a bit and make things easy to find in the morning whilst dressing. To also have things tidy and off the floor/bed/chair too as I’m renown to just put stuff down somewhere and then I cant find it again.

This is especially true in the bedroom where I (like most people) always go to bed tired, and usually just sling my clothes on the nearest non moving object. Previously this object was a beautiful rattan peacock chair- which has now moved downstairs.

Now, rather than slinging my clothes off and chucking them wherever – I hang them up on a rail we’ve installed.

You guessed it- from Ikea. I was inspired by this post on Apartment Therapy where they’ve collated a variety of ways these rails can be used.

Here’s ours- to be fair it doesn’t look as neat as this everyday, but its saving space as its wall mounted and we’ve found it a really practical addition to the bedroom.ikea rail and hooks in bedroom

My second update is we’ve got a new blind for the bedroom. Now as much as I love wooden slatted blinds or even shutters (hello dream home) I went for a Blackout blind.

I chose a Blackout Blind because our bedroom is South Facing, so it gets the sun from very early in the morning to right through until sunset.

Gorgeous yes. Conductive for early nights and lazy(ish) mornings- or even afternoon naps? Nope.

Our previous blackout blind was a plain neutral which had been up in a different room in our old house. When we realised it fitted our bedroom in this house, we just put it up out of necessity rather than desire.

This time I wanted to choose something a bit different, a bit exciting even… If a blackout blind can be exciting?

Anyway I chose one called “Night Sky” so I’d get all the benefits of looking (kind of) at a beautiful starry night at the window, but not get woken up at 4am with the sunrise.night sky black out blind stars

The blind was really easy to fit, or so said Mr OFS, and it was such a relief to get rid of the other one which had really seen better days.

This one feels much sturdier than the old one and is clearly built to last- its also made to your measurements so it fits exactly as you want it to. I’ve taken some photographs here of the blind, but you must forgive me as they aren’t great- so tricky in the light conditions!And here’s where I’m imagining I’m sleeping- under a canopy of stars!sleeping under the stars cacti

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  1. I love this! We bought a blackout blind for our bedroom too when we moved in because the blind that was there was just a standard one which did nothing to block out the light. Although we’re not south facing I’m one of those people that has to sleep in pitch black conditions. I think I may have to invest in this when I do a redecoration as ours is cream and very bland x


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