Blogtacular digested- my takeaways & life tips!

It’s been over a week now since Blogtacular and I’m only just beginning to fully digest everything that went on.

There’s lots of things I learnt that I’ll be putting into practice over the coming weeks and months. Today I wanted to share a few of those things because, as principles, I think they can be applied to any part of your life. Not just for blogging.blogtacular notebook wristband

  • Face your fears, vocalise them, deal with them in small stages. (thanks Grace)
  • Do more analogue stuff, meaning things with your hands, like sewing, baking, drawing- in short, making. This was a biggy for me as I feel like I don’t do even half as much as I used to. (thanks Anthony)
  • Apply the “Look & Yes” principal- where the moment you come across something, you immediately react and say YES (without realising you have) either just in your head or actually out loud. These are the things you must strive to do for yourself (again I’ve Anthony to thank for this).
  • If something is successful but its draining you or not making you happy, let it go (Grace again). I kind of knew this already, through personal experience in my blogging, but it was great hearing it from someone I admire.
  • Take time to get a post just right, rather than rushing them out. Quality over schedule. (Thanks to Francesca) One of my fears is not being able to, “keep up” with others in the blogosphere- I need to get to grips with this so you may see less (but better!!) posts from me in the future.grace bonney keynote fears blogtacular uk blog conference

The part I think I enjoyed the most though was the actual meeting of other people who do what I do and totally get it. I’ve always been big on communication and community and this was both of those things in spades. blogtacular group photo 2015One final thing I learnt that is nothing to do with blogging and everything to do with body image was; that I actually look pretty good from behind!

Never again shall I ask “Does my bum look big in this?” after seeing this photo…. Blogtacular old fashioned susie red jumpsuit

Anyway enough about my bum…. I’ve been asked a few times about how I did my headscarf on the day so shall attempt to create some kind of tutorial soon… Video or step by step photos?

All images within this post were taken by Mollie Makes– thanks for the bum shot Mollie 😉

PS- If you didnt get to go to Blogtacular this year you can get to the virtual conference!

4 responses to “Blogtacular digested- my takeaways & life tips!”

  1. oh fab post! Thanks for that! I was worry about the price. It was really high plus the cost of trains etc. but I see that you learned and gained so much of it that seem like a good investment! I shall do it next time! I won’t miss it! Thanks fo the post!


  2. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about Blogtacular… I suppose I know about it for next year now though?!
    Miss Pond | Manchester Based Lifestyle Blog


  3. Lovely to meet you (briefly) at Blogtacular, Susie!

    I love these takeaways – there were so many things chatted about at the conference (some of which you mention here) that I feel apply to the whole of my creative life, not just the part of it that involves blogging, it’s left me feeling condident and v enthused re: getting stuck in making more stuff 🙂


  4. Lovely to see you there Susie. You really did look awesome in that outfit! xx


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