Blogtacular Outfit

So this Saturday was a huge deal for me. The Blogtacular conference in London.

My head is still buzzing with everything I learnt, everyone I chatted to and everything I experienced… So until I’m less tired and can make coherent sense of it all I shall share with you my outfit.

I wore a bright red jumpsuit! It was actually something I’d bought with the intention of wearing it to Blogtacular, but I experienced a real hesitation about wearing it a few days before the event. The main reason being that I wouldn’t be able to hide in it if I’d wanted- its a striking outfit and I felt unsure about the whole centre of attention element I thought it would bring.

Anyway as you can see I got my act together thanks to some encouraging words from my Instagram chums and realising that the whole point of me going to Blogtacular was to meet like minded people- and what better icebreaker than a really loud outfit!?

I also knew that it would photograph really well and as I’d been lucky enough to land a place on the photowalk my fate was sealed. I ended up in quite a few photos on the day…

Blogtacular photowalk jumpsuit

Red 80s jumpsuit blogtacular
Photo credit

And yes, thats a bum bag! I had issues around me wearing a rucksack (with all my overnight stuff in) and I still wanted to have both hands free so luckily for me they’ve reappeared in the shops.

What I wore;

  • Vintage Malta souvenir scarf- charity shop
  • 1950s earrings- vintage fair
  • Vintage 80’s red jumpsuit- eBay
  • Bum bag- Accessorize current stock
  • Gladiator sandals- Nine West (a couple of seasons ago)
  • Batman rucksack- borrowed off the Mr

Are you a fan of the jumpsuit look?

Huge thanks to West Elm who enabled the photowalk and Xanthe who was our ringleader and top photo lady and of course to Kat and Kat for creating Blogtacular.

Take a look at the stream of images from the West Elm photowalk.

11 responses to “Blogtacular Outfit”

  1. I loved your outfit. Gorgeous colour on you and a fantastic cross between land girl and something slightly japans future…. probably not making sense now so I’ll stop. Your outfit was cool. And blogtacular was ace


    1. Ah thanks Mary! It was so inspiring wasnt it x


  2. You looked the business my dear – let’s hear it for jumpsuits!! Great to see you again xx


    1. Ah thanks love! Look forward to another catchup x


  3. notdressedaslamb Avatar

    You were so right to wear the jumpsuit and scarf, Susie – I spotted you a mile off but that’s such a good thing I think! I always try and wear one statement piece at an event because it gives people a reason to come and talk to you. I love the style and colour of your jumpsuit, the 80s ones have something that modern ones just don’t have, though I can’t put my finger on what it is. I WILL wear mine again very soon… maybe this weekend?!

    It was so great to meet you, keep in touch (though I think we’re already doing that, hehe)

    Catherine x


    1. Yes you must wear yours- it sounded beautiful from your description ❤️


  4. Your outfit was so fun and just perfect for the photowalk! And you could totally pull it off, you looked lovely!


  5. I LOVE the jumpsuit. Great colour on you. You could really dress this up or down. And LOVE that your bringing the bumbag back! Woop woop! I have an outfit post coming up with a bumbag, and no matter what anyone says, I think it’s fab.


  6. Blogtacular looks like a wonderful day! I’m definitely checking it out next year 🙂 Love your outfit too and the balloons make for an awesome touch of colour! #ShareFriday
    MissPond | Manchester Lifestyle Blog


  7. I would look like a sausage that has burst if I wore a jumpsuit. You however look stunning! The pic of you with the balloons is fab. Great outfit x


  8. I’m a massive fan of the jumpsuit! Wish I had a red one though, it looks amazing. Especially with the headscarf. Wish I could have been there.


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