New things to covet- Object

Today I want to introduce you to Object.

A new online shop, Object was created by my friend Rachael Adams who was my right hand lady when I used to do the Vintage Manchester Awards. She has created this extraordinarily beautiful online presence which started as a acorn of an idea a year ago.

Rachael has always been really stylish and looking through the site I can see every part of it is her. The colours, the shapes and of course the products she had so very carefully curated to be part on this online shop.

With a focus on products for the home, your wardrobe and your wedding Object is a one stop shop for beautiful and simple products.object style flatlay wedding home interiors

Rachael has done a huge amount of research and planning in the curation of Object, sourcing products from around the globe and in some cases is the only current UK stockist. Many of the products are also one off’s or bespoke items.object style womens concept store beach place settingI think Object is going to be a huge success for Rachael and I cant wait to see how she grows with this brand and this idea in the future.

Well done Rach!

One response to “New things to covet- Object”

  1. *Runs off to explore*


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