My tips for selling on eBay

Today I’m going to share with you my top tips for selling on eBay.

I’m not an expert at selling on eBay but I have had about fifteen years of experience in buying and selling on the most well known auction site. Its changed a lot since it was founded on 3rd September 1995 (my 15th birthday!) and is still growing and adapting to the changing times.

Ebay is great for raising money relatively quickly. It’s helped us through some tricky times financially. Obviously you need to have stuff to sell- and we’ve had, and still have, plenty of stuff.

There are things that sell better than other things of course.

My tips are;

  1. Vintage clothing and some vintage repro brands sell well, but it must be photographed very clearly and any marks or holes noted in the description, as well as the size or measurements.
  2. I try to start my auctions on a Thursday night and list them for 10 days. This way they finish on a Sunday night- the optimum time for eBay listings to make the most cash.
  3. Be honest in your listing. It’ll only come back on you if you aren’t. So if something has an odour or stain that wont shift- mention it and photograph it.
  4. Kitchen appliances sell well, we cleared our kitchen recently and listed our old ones- they all sold. Even if its £20 its better in your pocket than on the tip.
  5. Vintage comics also sell well, but these must be bagged and in good condition. Lookout for cheaper issues with storylines Marvel hasn’t made into films yet- these will only increase in value and can be thought of as an investment if you are buying as well as selling.
  6. Furniture in good condition sells well, especially if its a more classic design. I sold a leather chesterfield style chair recently and was surprised how much I got for it.

Good luck! It helps to have a target to aim for so perhaps a weekend away or a new handbag will give you the incentive to have a clear-out.

Pictured below are two of my favourite eBay wins- a footstool and a chair! ebay chair and footstool finds

2 responses to “My tips for selling on eBay”

  1. I’ve sold loads on ebay over the year but I’ve not bothered so much recently with the obscene fees they seem to be charging these days!


  2. These are great tips, thanks for sharing. I have lots of bits to get around to selling this summer! x


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