Bedside table revamp

Bedside areas I find can get very cluttered very quickly.

I’ve recently decided to give mine a revamp and to try and keep it as clutter free as possible but still have things on there that I need.

I’ve had all sorts on my bedside table… Believe me, Play-Doh and broken jewellery anyone? Why would I need them in the middle of the night!

I’ve stopped and started this mini makeover many times… To be honest I keep forgetting about it until the evening when I’m going to bed again… But I’m too tired to fix it then!

As an incentive I bought myself a new clock. I had a CD/radio alarm thing sat there for a while which I never used. So I sold it on eBay and replaced it with a load of books… This streamlining wasn’t working!

Ages ago I’d spotted a little clock in the shop inside Imperial War Museum North… A lovely green number, I cant remember why I didn’t buy it at the time, but I didn’t. Its one of those I haven’t forgotten though.

bedside clock orange green sixties fifties

In the end I bought a similar looking clock but for half the price of the museum one… There’s was £10 and the orange clock I bought was £5 from Asda, I’ve just checked its still in stock and it is- with 20% off clocks at the moment too. Even more of a bargain bedside find.

bedsideMy bedside area consists of wall lights from Garden Trading, I really like how these look but I’m not sure we’ve put them high up enough on the wall- hence why we’ve not painted over the chiselled out bit yet.

The bedside cabinet table/cabinet is an Ikea one via eBay, the headboard is also eBay, our lovely mattress is from Eve (read my review here), the picture frame is a Monsoon one, the clock as you know is Asda George Living, the dish is a vintage find from Vintage Village in Stockport and there’s just the one book on there now as well as my iPad.

How long will it stay like this?? Ha- I dont know but at least I’ve made a start!

What’s your bedside area like?

4 thoughts on “Bedside table revamp”

  1. I just looked over to my bedside table and it’s a mess of medicinal products and used hair ties. I had a bad chest not long ago so that’s why it’s more of a medicine cabinet than bedside table. This has really spurred me on to want to get it sorted though. For a while I have really been wanting to get a “proper” clock. At the moment my morning alarm is my phone and having my phone right by my bed is really affecting my sleep because I lie there and think “I’ll just check my twitter/blogger/instagram” and then wonder why I can’t sleep.
    Lovely little clocks, I will have to go and look those up! Thanks!

    Rowena x


  2. I have a large wooden box beside my bed – half of it is empty as that’s the first thing the cat leaps on when she runs into the bedroom. The other half contains a box filled with makeup, moisturiser, all sorts of junk. It’s messy, but it’s useful.


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