Customised Ikea Ivar Cabinet

Today I’m sharing a quick way of customising an Ikea Ivar Cabinet.

You might remember when the kitchen was being fitted earlier this year that I was on the look out for a 1950s kitchenette.

I looked far and wide and although I saw a couple I liked, the condition was either dubious or the price was out of my range. You see the fifties kitchenette is a very desirable piece of furniture now. I wish I’d bought the one I found at Stockport’s Vintage Village about three years ago- but back then I had nowhere to put it… And naively thought the prices wouldn’t inflate as much as they have.

So I had to rethink what I wanted. I thought about what its main use was going to be- in this case storing plates and cups and glasses. I wanted some things within easy reach of the girls, so they can get themselves a plate or help me set the table.

I then began looking around (browsing Pinterest) and I realised that something wall hung would look better than more floor based units like I have in the other half of the kitchen. It elongates the floor space and gives a sense of lightness.

So step in Ivar cabinet from Ikea- simple, functional, what Ikea does best really. But with huge scope to personalise and customise.

ikea ivar cabinetThis was the shot in the Ikea catalogue that swung it for me, plus two of these were cheaper than any of the kitchenettes I’d been eyeing up.

So my personal handyman (MR OFS) put these up one weekend and after lots of swearing (!!) they were up on the wall and ready to use.

I oiled them initially as I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do to them at first, and the natural wood look is very Scandinavian and something I do like.

My brainwave came when I was clearing out the dining room which had been home to all the kitchen stuff (and more) and I came across a roll of wallpaper and found at a car boot sale.

This would be the perfect backing for inside the cupboards.

ikea ivar cabinet custom wallpaperIt probably took a couple of hours at the most to do this job, making the paste and cutting the paper to size taking up the most of the time.

These Ivar cabinets are really sturdy and I’m definitely getting more bang for my buck than I would do with a kitchenette. They hold more, they are easily personalised, the shelf heights are adjustable and they fit in with the space really well.scandi kitchen vintage wallpaper cabinet makeover Ikea IvarI haven’t given up hope of finding a kitchenette, if I found the perfect one at the right price I’d buy it and find a home for it- probably using is as a crafting area or sewing station, or perhaps in one of the girls bedrooms.

Have you customised any furniture recently? You can probably tell wallpaper is my favourite way of doing this at the moment what’s yours?

5 thoughts on “Customised Ikea Ivar Cabinet”

  1. I really love your kitchen! One way I like to customize my IKEA furniture is by using slipcovers. I get mine from saustark design, a young start up company in Munich. They have over a 100 fabrics to choose from! They are a little pricey, but the fabrics are so so beautiful, that I think its worth it! Also, its a lot cheaper than buying a new couch. The best part is that they send you free fabric samples to help you choose your fabric. If you want to check it out, I´ve posted their link below 🙂 Happy decorating!


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