The next big interior project- Bathroom ideas

Now that the kitchen is on the home straight, my thoughts are turning towards another key room in the house. The bathroom.

Like the kitchen was, the space hasn’t been used to its full potential. The boiler being in the bathroom isn’t helping with the space issue either and I’m hoping we’ll move the boiler or come up with a better storage solution for it. (if you’ve moved a boiler please tell me how it was).

So before the job has even begun the costs are climbing. Although this isn’t a job we’ll be doing for a few months, its good to start planning right?

Flooring is also an issue in the bathroom, the previous residents must have had a thing about black floors (the kitchen had black tiles) as the bathroom has a tile effect black vinyl. Now I’ve had a look at vinyl flooring recently and there are some stunning ones about that would cost a fraction of the price than if you had the similar tiles themselves laid.

My dream  bathroom would look like this below, I love the floor, and the colours used here. Storage space is an issue though, so I can imagine we’d take a look at Ikea for some ideas in that department.

dream bathroom

As you might have guessed a love a bit of colour in the bathroom (or any room for that matter) and a great way of injecting colour is via the flooring you choose.

Being a rather practical type of person I must consider the ease of cleaning the bathroom. There’s so many nooks, crevasses, boxed off pipes etc in our bathroom at the moment that its just a nightmare to clean.

I’d love a wall hung loo and sink to make it easier to clean- as well as looking very smart. obviously. I’m always eyeing up hotel room bathrooms for ideas- anyone else do that?

I think perhaps the trick with vinyl is in the fit and the adhesive. See below for some lovely examples from my Bathroom board on Pinterest. (all images used here are credited on my Pinterest board).

One of the benefits of choosing vinyl over tiles is the warmth. No freezing marble or porcelain to chill your toes on those winter mornings.

tile lino vinyl bathroom floor bathroom floor vinyl

I also found a selection of vinyl from Carpetright and these are my four favorites from there. What do you think? What flooring do you have in your bathroom?

carpetright vinyl


Disclosure- this post was brought to you in collaboration with Carpetright.

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  1. My mum has that vinyl that looks like floor boards, we have tiles. Hers is much warmer but I don’t like vinyl, I think it’s hard to keep fixed when it gets damp and it can bubble. I need ideas for bathrooms too.


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