Farrow & Ball #stylemywardrobe challenge

There are some brands that are synonymous with quality, you might never have actually experienced the brand, but its reputation precedes itself. Farrow and Ball is one of these brands.

Single handedly leading the grey wall interior trend with their imfamous Elephants Breath shade of grey paint, Farrow and Ball are pioneers and are unwaveringly committed to the high standards they’ve set.

Did you know that Farrow and Ball also make wallpapers too? And I do love a good wallpaper…

I recently volunteered myself to take part in their #stylemywardrobechallenge which was to wallpaper my wardrobe with a wallpaper from their new 2015 range.

The patterns are inspired by French fashions and fabrics in use in the nineteenth and twentieth century, they’ve been resurrected from the archives so to speak. There are three new patterns and each one has several colourways to choose from.

I had huge difficulty in making a choice between the wallpapers. I loved the Tourbillon pattern the most, but choosing between colour schemes I found bloody hard- I liked them all! In the end I settled on the blue stripe with a white/grey background, I had a vague idea it looked a bit nautical (always a positive in my book) and I thought it would go well in our bedroom against the oak colour of the wardrobe doors.

The paper arriving was an experience in itself. Wrapped up with great care and attention, it felt wrong opening it.

The wardrobe it was going on is something we’ve added to the room in the past few months, it’s a four door sliding type, the doors are on tracks that go right the way across the room in front of the chimney breast and alcoves either side. It’s a B&Q product but we did the interiors of the wardrobes ourselves using the Algot range at Ikea (future blog post on that soon).

I always had in mind that papering these doors would be something I’d do at some point so this challenge really fitted in with my plans.

The rolls of wallpaper are of a a fantastic quality and I love how its livened up the space, I must admit though I’ve not quite finished it yet, I’ve found the pattern matching really tricky. The paper has a repeat of 0.7m, which is easy to see when you are looking at it from a distance, but when working right on top of it it’s almost like an optical illusion!  Once I get my eyes behaving themselves again it won’t take me long to finish, I’ve just a small strip within each panel to fill… What do you think so far?

Disclosure- I received this wallpaper to take part in the challenge.

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Susan Earlam

Writer of fiction, lifestyle and home interiors


  1. Farrow and Ball can do no wrong by me, I have been a loyal supporter and their paints have always looked fab in my home. We have old english chesterfield sofas in our living room from decur.co.uk and every time we change our paint they never fail to compliment our furniture. Their wallpapers look fantastic, if only I had the skil and patience to put wallpaper on lol


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