My Fortitude Theory

Hello readers! If you are a regular visitor here you’ll know I don’t write about TV at all really, but the new series of Fortitude on Sky Atlantic has really captured my imagination.

I actually cannot stop thinking about it.


The heady combination of great characters, a brilliant story and an isolated setting really plays up the tension in each episode.

The set up is that in the town of Fortitude there is no crime because everyone has a job and has chosen to live there… Except that now someone has been murdered.

The thing is with Fortitude, each character is so well written and has such depth that you could almost give a motive to any one of them.

My husband and I tend to watch Fortitude after the showing on the Thursday as it means we can skip the ad breaks. For me it is like a TV version of an earworm- going over and over in my head.

My far fetched theory goes as follows- this is at the episode four point in the series btw;

Veronica has seen something that she wasn’t supposed to, and Dan (the Sheriff), because he’s in love with her cant bring himself to get her out of the picture as he should do. Instead- offering her his protection from the Governor from her (Veronica’s) previous crimes.

There are select people living in Fortitude that want to cash in on the tourism and will do anything to get the Ice Hotel project moving.

Perhaps the original Polar Bear attack on Billy Pettigrew was set up by the Sheriff on behalf of the Governor… Perhaps they think if they make sacrifices to the bears that they will be left alone to create their hotel. Perhaps its some kind of cult which also see’s sexual partner swapping as part of the initiation?

Perhaps Markus is fattening Shirley up to be the next sacrifice? Perhaps Eric was told to have an affair with Trish by his wife the Governor, because that way he’d be the last one she’s suspect?

Anyway, as you can see Fortitude has really captured my imagination with my crazy theory… I haven’t even covered the Mammoth or the hermaphrodite reindeer… And I’m convinced that Christopher Eccleston is going to come back from the dead- as a zombie maybe. After all nothing ever dies on Fortitude- nothing buried ever decays.

Are you watching Fortitude? Tell me you madcap theories as to what’s going on…

If you are interested there is more episode by episode stuff at The Guardian.



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