Love- an ode to a special friend.

What is love?
No not the Haddaway song of the 90s but real life love. A good friend of mine has recently been let down by love and it has really made me think rather deeply about this thing we call love.

Love can be strong or fragile.
Love can be painful or rapturous.
Love can be far from, or near to, hate.
Love can be restorative or destructive.
Love can be yours or mine.
Love can be strange.
Love can be unbalanced.

Love can be one-sided.

Love can be life-changing.

Love can be unconditional.
Love can be simple or complicated.
Love changes everything.
Love yourself.
Love is growing closer over time.
Love is choosing them and no one else.
Love is sharing secrets.

Love is respect.
Love is really knowing someone.
Love is a team.
Love pushes you further.
Love makes you work harder.
Love is strength.
Love is relentless.
Love can be stupid.

Love can be naive.

Love can be in lust.
Love can be cleansing.
Love can be in one moment.
Love is the future.
Love can make a mess.

Love is hope.
Love can go wrong.

Love can change into something else.
Love changes you.
Love is honesty.
Love is friendship.
Love is in you.

love balloons



4 responses to “Love- an ode to a special friend.”

  1. This is brilliant 🙂 Love isn’t just one thing and you’ve got it right I think x


  2. That’s ‘love’ly , so many different types of love


  3. Great Post! I wrote a post about the different types of love last year. Your last line is perfect x


  4. What a beautiful post. I love the line “love is growing closer over time”- I couldn’t agree more x


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