Sleeping with Eve

Who doesn’t love to sleep?

I thought I’d give you a break from me wittering on about my kitchen today, and tell you about a mattress I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping on now for about a month.

Now when we moved house one of the first things we promised ourselves was to get a King Sized bed…. But we didn’t, as I’m sure you know plenty of other things come up for you to spend your money on so we waited. We installed our fitted wardrobes and then we knew how much space we had to play around with.

So we started looking… And to be honest we couldn’t see the wood for the trees! There seemed to be too much choice, we knew what we wanted- a firm and supportive bed.  But as its a fairly large expense we didn’t want to get it wrong, so we slept on it for a while longer.

Then the lovely team at Eve got in touch… They must’ve sensed our plight, and offered us an Eve mattress… The company is brand new and the idea behind it is that these Eve’s are so good that they don’t make or sell anything else. So to be clear- they make one type of mattress in different sizes and that’s it. I like it when brands don’t spread themselves thinly, doing one thing and doing it well is so much better than doing lots of things but all mediocre.

eve mattress quotes on the bed


So we went for the King sized Eve. It arrived in a large box and was rather heavy as you can imagine. My husband and I grappled with it up the stairs and placed it on the nearly new divan base I ‘d found on eBay.


The Eve mattress is made up of different types of foam and latex and has a modern knitted cover on top… So no springs. The no springs part was my only doubt about the mattress as I’d never experienced anything else. It’s definitely something I’ve gotten used to, my initial feelings were that it was weird- not unpleasant just strange.

eve mattress review

That feeling lasted all of a few hours as the first nights sleep on it was glorious! Honestly like sleeping on a cloud. I found that I wasn’t woken as easily by my other half turning over or getting up in the night either.

I’m a real convert to the ‘no springs’ approach. I loved being in bed before but now I’m finding excuses to go to bed earlier- in fact I’m writing this post on the bed. Obsessed much?!


 Disclosure- I was sent this mattress in order to write my review, words and thoughts about it are my own

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Susan Earlam

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  1. I felt the same when I bought a memory foam mattress. It felt so strange to not have springs poking in my back and I’m converted totally. So much so that I am window shopping for a mattress for our other bed 🙂 Enjoy your mattress, they are brilliant.


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