Kitchen Ideas and Plans

In case you might have missed it, I’m finally getting a new kitchen! Kitchen ideas are just filling my head.

I really cant wait, bit and bobs are being gathered and delivered,  like laminate flooring (we are going for Ikea’s) and a free-standing cooker. I’m looking at final touches too and probably getting ahead of myself- like wallpapers and tiles. January 5th is when the fitters arrive and it’ll start to take shape.

I’m also trawling eBay like a crazed thing looking for a kitchenette at a price I can afford and in a location not a million miles away- the two aren’t matching up at the moment! I’ve been asking my local vintage contacts too but if you have a hot tip do please let me know.

red kitchenetteMy kitchen ideas and tastes are a bit eclectic, but as usual Pinterest is full of fabulous kitchen ideas and real life kitchens too. I love the way that non traditional furniture has been used for extra storage in this kitchen below.

eclectic kitchen

As you can probably tell I like natural wood, alongside white as my basic neutrals, but red and other bright colours will make an appearance for sure.

kitchen ideasThis image below I dont think is of a kitchen, but I love the eclectic combination of items and I love the colours.

teal mix and match with subway tiles

jurassic kitchen wallpaperI really like this Dinsaur wallpaper above, I’d perhaps put in on one wall, cant decide anything this far into the future yet though. Got to get the kitchen in first!

What are you interior plans for 2015?

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kitchen ideas and hopes

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  1. Love the looks you’ve chosen here, how exciting! It’s great planning a new project. I still have jobs to do froM when we moved here nearly five years ago! We have pictures still to hang, the garden to pay attention to and generally need more storage!


  2. Looking at your photos, your kitchen will certainly be full of character! I’ve just completed my house renovation (typically we have ourselves a Christmas deadline!) it’s such an amazing feeling once it’s done that I’m excited for you and you’re new kitchen! Do keep us posted…


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