Toys I never got for Christmas (and a couple I did)

Hello readers! Now that my eldest is of an age where she can ask for what she wants for Christmas and can form a Christmas letter to Santa saying as such, it brings back memories of my own Christmas lists and letters I wrote.

My brother and I were children of the eighties. I’m sure if you were too, you’ll remember fighting over the Argos and Index catalogues with your sibling.

Then, getting overwhelmed with all the things you could ask for (everything) and cutting out the extra special ones to stick onto your Christmas list to make sure Father Christmas had no chance whatsoever of getting it wrong… Sound familiar?

Well here is a selection of toys that hold vivid memories for me despite me not actually owning most of them.

First up is Mr Frosty, I must have put this one my Christmas list for about four years running before I realised Santa was never going to be that kind. I’m over it- honest 😉

mr frosty 80s

I really wanted this Barbie motor-home one year too, never got it either!

Barbie motorhome

One of the best presents I got was this Fashion Wheel- giving you the ability to create an endless number of outfit combinations. I’m actually debating about buying one off eBay for me eldest this year.

fashion wheel 80s

I remember loving the Fisher Price record player that first came out in 1971- there were further versions of it through the eighties but perhaps Santa just thought I ‘d be better playing with my parents record player- which I often did! The 80s version is seen below.

The kind folk at Handpicked Collection have sent me littlest the reissued version of the record player and I cant wait to give it to her on Christmas Day, even the packaging is perfectly seventies!


fisher price record player


Disclosure- I was sent this product in order to complete this post.

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  1. I had a Mr Frosty. Can’t remember much about it beyond getting told off for mixing the flavour powder with water, but I was too little to know what it was! I didn’t know how to use the thing…


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