My kitchen- pre makeover

I believe it’s high time I told you about my kitchen.

If you know me in “real life” you’ll know that the kitchen isn’t my favourite room in the house and I could happily go on for hours describing all the issues with it. And I do- to anyone who’ll listen!

not child safe kitchen
More wasted surface space around the pillar

On first appearances the size of it impresses. It’s been extended by the previous owners, but once you are actually trying to cook in there, the problems start to become obvious.

  1. There is a pillar in the middle of the room- a structural support- which in effect supports the entire corner of the house as the extension is beyond it. We’ve had the removal of this estimated for us and its way beyond our budget.
  2. There’s no “golden triangle”, if you’ve ever looked at kitchen design this principle is when the sink, the cooker/microwave and the fridge are all within straight lines from each other. (the pillar issue)
  3. There is not enough usable work surface- there is work surface but as its on the other side of the kitchen away from the fridge and cooking area- it doesn’t get used as work surface- just a place for the microwave and recycling. The actual work surface I use is about 3ft by 2ft, measly when you see the size of the kitchen. And where do I plate up? I’ve been known to use the window ledge!
  4. The sink has no drainer and is attached to the pillar in the middle of the room… Need I say more? Water gets splashed everywhere and draining the washed up pots is an issue.
  5. The flooring is a mess. Black (!?) tiles have been laid very badly and are moving when weight is put on them. Some of them are cracked in several places making it really unsafe for anyone without any shoes on, and especially for littlest who is at the crawling to walking stage. Laminate is the way forward here.
  6. There is also three doors onto the kitchen, so a problem occurs when trying to plan layouts,

Here are some photos I took on a sunny day a couple of months ago.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think that’s basically covered everything- I don’t mean to come across ungratefully, we own our our house and and have worked hard to get here. The kitchen is one, if not the most important rooms in the house, and I want to share with you the journey on making it something that works for us. How, hopefully, we make a bit of a nightmare kitchen into a dream one!

We’ve now got a kitchen design we are happy with and even an installation date right after Christmas. The main elements of the kitchen renovation are, moving the kitchen elements of the room over to one side rather than having it spread out all around the edges and changing the flooring to laminate which is easier to clean and maintain.

I cannot wait!

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