A family history of sewing

I often get asked where my interest in vintage and sewing started.

I’d probably say with my Grandma! I always remember her home being a bit of an Aladdin’s cave, piled high with all-sorts of things. Not quite like the hoarders you see on TV but really not that far from it either. She was always out and about at a jumble sale or car boot and always wore beautiful coats with a brooch on the lapel and a cute handbag and hat.

She was a real bargain hunter and was great at re purposing things that she already had. I distinctly remember she had a Singer sewing machine. She had one of those that had its one table and had sewn many things- mainly clothing for herself and the three children- the youngest of which was my mum.

mum and grandma

Here they both are in a photo probably taken in the mid fifties- my mum looks about three or four and I think you can probably see some family resemblance here with my girls too.

My mum also had a sewing machine as I was growing up- and still does. But she made me loads of gorgeous dresses on it, some I know she’s saved for potential grandchildren- our tastes are very similar- lots of stripes, spots and gingham. I remember my Mums sewing machine being so heavy that she had to get my Dad to lift it onto the table whenever she wanted to use it!

Modern sewing machines are much more portable aren’t they?

Sewing in the past has been a way to afford a new outfit which otherwise wouldn’t have been in our mothers and grandmothers budgets… But now with throwaway fashion people are turning to sewing to create garments that will last, have that tailor made fit and has the individuality that you don’t tend to find on the high street.

Do any hobbies run in your family?

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