Pinterest- Planning a kitchen

Today I wanted to share with you something that is at the forefront of my mind at the moment- kitchens!

Wherever I’ve lived I’ve always just lived with the kitchen, be it rented (mixture of galley kitchens and square kitchens) or with my parents (well planned galley kitchen) or previous owned properties (square kitchens). But now we’ve found our “forever home” we want to have a kitchen that is well planned and will last us as long as possible.

We currently have a really awkward space, three doors leading into the room and a load bearing column off centre in the middle. Oh and one wall is almost all window or door and there is only one flat wall (which is what we’ll be using in our planned design).

I will do a post of what it currently looks like very soon- its fair to say lots of swearing occurs (in my head, not in front of the kids) whenever I use it…

Here are some images from my Pinterest- Kitchens page- find it here if you want to see more.

white and wood kitchen vintage themeI love the lightness of this one- the white kitchen cabinet fronts and the wood worktop is my favourite look for kitchens, and this one has some lovely vintage style touches.

genius pegboard kitchen pansThe genius that is pegboard- something I see used more often in American homes- I think it’s bloody brilliant. Again the white and the wood here.

pan overhead storage kitchenI’d like my pots and pans easy to reach rather than having to root through a cupboard and pull loads of stuff out to get at what I need. Wooden worktops in this kitchen again and the cabinet handles that I love.

kitchen wood worktopThe floor, the units, the handles, the worktops. I’m almost certain this is an Ikea kitchen above. Love it.

green tiled white kitchenAgain, the handles and the white units, this time along with grass green subway tiles to the ceiling really makes a statement in this kitchen. Love the tiles but would have a hard time deciding on a colour.

kitchen boothOur kitchen is a very large room so there is room for eating in it too- I’d love something like this with storage underneath.

Do you have any kitchen planning tips you’d like to share? Do’s or don’ts?


3 responses to “Pinterest- Planning a kitchen”

  1. I always get so jealous of these beautiful kitchens! good luck with yours x


  2. Some lovely ideas here, planning is the best part of you ask me! I went for cream gloss cabinets and wood work tops, I never have enough storage space so I would go for as much storage as you can fit in. Oh, and we don’t have room for this but Richard Branson says you should always have a sofa in your kitchen, for those big idea moments!!


  3. Our kitchen is tiny – very narrow too – and so to save space we have ‘top’ cupboards at floor level on once side. They’re not as deep as proper floor-level cupboards and so give us more room to move around. Obviously the size won’t be a problem for you, though!

    Otherwise, I went for 1950s-style cupboards without moulding on, as they’d be easier to wipe clean. The more fiddly bits there are, the longer you have to spend cleaning them, which I hate.


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