The Gincident- A boat full of gin in Manchester

You may remember back in 2012 I went on a little cruise from Castlefield along to Media City and there was a LOT of gin involved, aka the Gincident.

Well I’ve been lucky enough to have just been on another one- what’s not to like about a boat full of gin?

The Liquorists run these jaunts. Er. stop reading now if you dont want to hear more good things about why I love these guys…

Ok, so you are still here, good!!

Basically on the Gincident you get all your drinks brought to your table, and the story behind each one, a load of yummy food, some very entertaining anecdotes. The only thing you need to worry about is not falling in the water, getting to the loo and back in a civilised fashion and which accent Tom the host is going to do next.


The drinks on this the 2014 edition of the Gincident are (when I went anyway- they might get tweaked)

  • A Caorunn Gin & Tonic – a Scottish gin, Fevertree Elderflower Tonic Water and crunchy slices of red apple. I loved this one.
  • An Opihr Pegu Club – Opihr is a spicy, unusual gin with apricot brandy and bitters. Not a drink I immediately warmed to to be honest, but, after discussions with fellow guests we decided it’d be most fitting on a Christmas evening in front of a roaring fire- a festive drink.
  • Blue in Bloom- Bloom gin (obviously?) and blue curacao (also obviously!) and some other bits- one of which was egg white which they kindly left out for my drink. This was really refreshing and the timing of the serve was perfect as we were digging into Thai curries- hot!
  • Message Gin A Bottle- Served in little blue bottles- rather like those in Neal’s Yard Remedies shops this was a version of the Aviator, I found it rather intense and needed a bit longer to finish it, or maybe over a load of ice I might have found it easier.
  • Savannah Collins- Whitley Neill gin with Rooibos tea… This was a grower, I really dislike Rooibos tea, I find it really medicinal but it won me over in the end for sure.

By this time we were all very jolly sailors and we’d arrived back in Castlefield Arena. The opportunity to be whisked away to the Liqurists HQ presented itself and we grabbed it… Welcoming us was another of the Caorunn G&T’s which was a fabulous way to end the evening.

If you fancy a slice of the Gincident pie then there is some availability left- check here and wear your best nautical outfit 😉

Here’s the effects of the Gincident in photographic format… first drink and forth drink… And I actually didnt have a hangover this morning! Result.

gincident 2014

Disclosure- I was invited on the cruise in exchange for a review, opinions are all my own- as always

2 responses to “The Gincident- A boat full of gin in Manchester”

  1. Ooh You had me at ‘gin’ – but this sounds amazing!


  2. Thiis is a great blog


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