Carbooty and waving hello

Hello there readers!

Well I’m sat inside on a glorious Sunday afternoon as my hayfever is going into overdrive today…. So I thought I’d come and say hello to you all.

I’ve not posted for a wee while, its nice to have a little break and actually have time to do things that can then be shared with you lovely lot.

I’ve been enjoying the sunny weather with the family a lot and we are outside most of the day- I’m lucky that we inherited a beautiful garden we we moved and its really coming into its own with the sunshine.

I’ve also been sewing LOADS!!!!!!! I blame the World Cup but also I’ve got a brilliant table now that is perfect for sewing so I’ve been on a mission too de-stash a bit as, like many other sewists, I can tend to horde fabric a bit…

I’ve rubbishly been rather ill too and have had to have a variety of antibiotics which have just wiped me out… Fingers crossed I’m on the mend now.

I’ve go lots of interesting (I hope) articles coming up for you, but today I just wanted to share my car booty from this morning.

This is just some of it, I did buy a couple of things that I’ll give a gifts, so don’t want to spoil the surprise.

carbootySome heart wallpaper for eldest’s room, some fabric, a vintage mirror and an African mask…. All for less the a tenner.

I’ve always wanted an African mask collection something a bit like this- although I don’t think I’d display my collection in the bedroom.

african mask collectionDo you collect anything?

If so how do you display it?

See you soon! xxx



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