The Mothers- photo project update

Almost three years ago I became involved with a lovely blog called The Mothers.

The Mothers is a photo project, “documenting the stories and experiences of Mothers of all ages, with children of all ages”.

I’ve recently done an updated interview- kind of “where are they now” type thing- and some more lovely photographs- find my thoughts about being a mother of two here.

Do go over and take a look at my interview over there, and here is my original interview from 2011 if you like to read that too.

Bec, the lady who runs it is always looking for more subjects- she has another blog called the Fathers too.

the mothers photo

2 responses to “The Mothers- photo project update”

  1. I love this photo! Its so important to take photos with your babies-sometimes after a bday party is over I realize that I didn’t get a photo with the bday child (I have 3) and I get annoyed with myself. Def making more of a conscience effort to take more photos with my lil ones 🙂 xox


    1. I know what you mean Daffny- I’m actually making a photo album at the moment of my two- an actual album that you can hold not on a computer!


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