Sunny Stockport Sunday- Vintage Village

Well Sunday just gone was the perfect sort of weather for a vintage market.

I popped along to Stockport’s Vintage Village, with a very small shopping budget. To be frank I needed some time away from my two cherubs- time just for me.

The theme theme of Vintage Village for this edition was D-Day, and it proved to be a brilliant morning out, despite my lack of funds.

The fair had teamed up with Stockport’s Art Deco Cinema- Stockport Plaza who were offering behind the scenes tours of the cinema throughout the day and a bevy of beautiful vintage cars parked outside. I only wish I’d snapped a photograph as we drove by. Their fantastic tearooms were also open- this is very rare on a Sunday for them! See my post about the Plaza here.

There were Military vehicles- actually from the second world war, a pop up cinema showing two films from the early forties and, damn it, LOADS of good vintage vendors- isn’t it always the way when your budget is tight?

photo (8)

I saw some stunning antique capes, lace collars and some near perfect condition military uniforms- Victorian. I’ve no idea how these were in such good condition, considering their age- from Empire’s Ghosts.

Maria Manchester entertained the crowds with songs from the 1940’s.

maria manchester singer

I also love perusing the shops that have opened up in the market square for bits of furniture- The Curiosity Shop and Cheshire Used Furniture always having interesting things in and the stock turnover is fast so be quick if you see something.

I saw this plant stand that I really liked but it wasn’t within my budget this time. If it’s still there next time then I know its meant for me. I’m a big believer in fate when it comes to owning things.

70s plant stand vintage

I came away with some cocktail forks for £2 (I’ve been coveting some of these for a while) and four dresses and a child’s apron, which were given to me by a very kind stall holder whose name I wont disclose as they’ll probably get harassed for free stuff! The dresses are in an unsaleable state so I’ve adopted them and plan to whip something up via my sewing machine using them.

vintage cocktail forks

Did you go to Vintage Village on Sunday?


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Susan Earlam

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  1. I love Maria Manchester’s shoes!

    It is annoying how you always see the good stuff when you’re skint. It’s why I was unapologetic about spending so much at Vintage Nostalgia this year; I knew there would be good stuff that I wouldn’t see for the rest of the year.


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