Outfit post- Finally falling for Freddie’s

Well the title of this post says it all really… I finally found the right Freddie’s of Pinewood jeans for me.

I first tried Freddie’s about three years ago- I cant even remember which model/version they were, but they just weren’t right. They weren’t high enough in the waist and therefore were extremely uncomfortable in the crotch area (!!).

I was hesitant about trying them again but after me grilling a few ladies on Twitter and being rather anal about all my measurements I went for the Classics in a Long leg. The Long leg is a fairly new addition and is what attracted me back to Freddie’s as many of the other repro brands inside legs just haven’t got the length I need.

Here are some snaps of me wearing the Freddie’s Classics- I’m a bit out of practise doing outfit posts, what to do with your hands!!? Pockets are always a good option in the “what do do with your hands conundrum”  and I took full advantage of the ones in my jeans.

But seriously, what do you do with your hands in photo’s??

You can see from the outakes below I had fun trying!

denim and gingham freddies of pinewood classicsfreddies pinewoodoutakes blogger outfit postvintage belt freddies jeans classics long legI wore;

  • Freddie’s Classics in Long leg
  • Red gingham shirt from eBay
  • A red belt I’ve had for years
  • Classic lo Converse also had for years
  • Sunglasses ASOS last year

Disclosure- This is not a sponsored post- I bought these jeans with my own money!


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