Shopping Saturday- Planning a wild garden

I’ll be straight up with you here- I’m not green fingered.

It’s a stand in joke in our family that I’m great at killing plants, not so much looking after them. So I suppose it’s just as well I like gardens that look a bit wild. I love trailing and climbing plants, with lots of different colours. Something like you’d find in a glade or a meadow.

It just so happens that these wild flowers are not just pretty easy on the eye, and the nose, but are also loved by bees. There are about 250 different types of bee and as I’m sure you know some are becoming dangerously scarce and this can cause environmental havoc. The bumblebee’s are the ones that really need help and planting wild flowers like these in your garden can really help.

wild flowers planting for bees

Images above are all on my Pinterest board Nest- Outside.

I saw these packets of seeds at the V&A online shop at £2 each, they would make ideal token gifts, perhaps slipped into a birthday card or even for Mothers Day. The packets are works of art with images from the Victoria & Albert’s archived collection of fabrics from the 1840’s through to the 1940’s.

seeds wild flower

And if you are wondering what plants specifically you need to be planting for bumblebee’s then take a look at this- I really love it but I cant remember where I found it so I’ve no idea who to credit. If you know who created this please let me know… Plant these to help save bees!

***Updated 20th April 2015**** This Help Save Bees art work is by Hannah Rosengren– I love it.

plants flowers for bees

If you fancy learning a bit more about bumblebees then take a look at the bumblebee conservation website. It has loads of information about how to identify the bees in your garden and even an app to help you figure out if you have any of the 23 types of bumblebee living in your local habitat.

PS- This isn’t a sponsored post, I was just feeling rather spring like!

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