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Well I’m back readers!! And I’ve finally moved house, I cant really believe it has actually happened, at one point we thought the whole thing was going to fall through with some problems at the bottom of the chain.

If there’s one bit of advice I’d offer up to people moving house- avoid the chain if at all possible. You’ve probably heard it before or been through it yourself but the amount of stress being  in a chain is just phenomenal…. I actually thought I’d go into premature labour a few times.

Anyway, apologies for neglecting this little corner of the web, I was three weeks without the internet and then I had one manic week of selling tickets and promoting the Best of Vintage Manchester Awards. So this weekend has been all about catching up.

I thought to ease myself and you my lovely readers back into the swing of things I’d do another Pinterest post, my boards are becoming more important to me since we’ve moved and I can now hone them to images of things that would work with the property we actually are now living in- instead of just daydreaming about where we’d end up.

So here is a selection of my Living Room pins- more of which can be found here…. Something that mystifies me about images of Living Rooms in interior magazines and on similar websites is the lack of TV?? Where do they hide it?

TV is part of our lives and if you love films as much as my family then your TV might be on the large side…. Thoughts people?? What do you do with yours??

I did find an article about this very thing on one of my favourite interior websites- Apartment Therapy, Where’s the TV? Our Best Hide the TV in Plain Site Tricks– what do you think?

living room 5 living room 4 living room 3 living room 2 living room 1

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