Hello there readers! Its taken me a while to write this as we’ve so much stuff going on at home- I’ll disclose what at a later date. But last Sunday- July 21st I went to #BlogOnMOSI which was a bloggers conference for us northern types, as 90% of other blog conferences are down south, this was held at the Museum of Science and Industry- who catered spectacularly for us- even having special dietary needs sorted.

It was organised with military precision by Laura of Tired Mummy of Two who also runs Blogs Up North, and yes, to say she’s busy is an understatement.

It was a great chance to meet faces you only knew previously online and to make some new contacts as there were lots of brands there looking to work with bloggers. The thing is with brands and blogs you have to make sure the relationship is mutually beneficial only work with brands that you like and that are relevant to your blog. For example if I suddenly started working with a well-known brand of milk it wouldn’t be a good fit (I’m allergic) and neither the brand or I would see any benefit.

So with that in mind, for me personally not all the brands were right for OldFashionedSusie.com. The sessions were much more of what was interested in. They were;

  1. Photography Tips- these were titbits that were actually really easy to remember!
  2. Laws & Lies- the legal side of blogging,
  3. Building Relationships- working with PRs and SEOs
  4. Beautiful Blogging- which I thought was about design, but seemed to be more about community.

Each session other than the photography one was a round table discussion with us able to fire questions at two- three more seasoned bloggers and experts. I did like this structure as sometimes when you are being talked at you don’t take everything in, but I felt in some of the sessions the lack of structure didn’t actually do any good as there wasn’t a clear direction for the discussions to go in.

Overall though I had a really good day and it was fantastic value for money at £10 for a ticket, you can see from the photo below the about of goodies bags we got to take away which contained all sorts!

I’ll definitely be booking my ticket for next years as soon as the become available.

I’m wearing ASOS maternity (current sale stock), some Kurt Geiger Gladiators in the picture and boy does my hair need a cut!!

Oh, and yes that is a massive bag of sweets I’m carrying- I was very popular when I got home thats for sure!

old fashioned susie 23 weeks pregnant wearing asos maternity maxi dress 2013


Photo credit; Helen at Mancunian Vintage

One response to “#BlogOnMOSI”

  1. It was really nice to meet you, and I loved your dress! The Swizzels bags certainly made us all very popular when we got home 😀


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