Best of Vintage Manchester Awards 2013

Hello dear readers!

Well enough of drip feeding you information on our 2013 awards, how terribly naughty of us…

Like last year we want to ensure this is an event that guests can come and relax, enjoy themselves and network with other vintage businesses. We are only too aware that running your own business can leave you with virtually no down time so we are doing mid week again Wednesday 23rd October, and the location this time is Manchester 235’s function room, 235 Live, part of the Great Northern building.

*Nominations now open go here*

Nominations close at the end of August with Finalists announced in the first week of September. Voting for the finalists will then close at the end of September.


Co- created again with Rachael Adams from the Social Butterfly, Rachael and I (your editor Susie) searched high and low in Manchester for a suitable venue, even wandering through freezing snow on one particularly memorable day.
We selected Manchester 235 as the room layout is perfect for our needs, there will be enough seating for all ticket holders and there are places to hang your vintage overcoats and other paraphernalia you may bring.

We’ve tweaked the categories slightly this year and they are as follows;

  1. Best Vintage Fair
  2. Best Vintage Photography
  3. Best Vintage Entertainment (to include singers, Dj’s, Burlesque starlets, bands etc)
  4. Best Vintage Hair, Beauty & Grooming
  5. Best Vintage Venue (Days or Nights out)
  6. Best Vintage Event Supplier
  7. Best Vintage Homeware & Furniture
  8. Best Vintage or Repro Clothing (to include corsetry, millinery, accessories etc)
  9. Best Vintage Lifestyle Blog
  10. Best Vintage New Business (trading from October 2012)

Here is a badge for you to add to your websites;



Copy and paste the code in the box to install the badge onto your site (its HTML so if you’re not tech savvy you may need a little help) which links directly back to the voting page, or you can use the badge and direct people to vote in your own unique way.

Voting opens on 1st July and like last year there will be three finalists in each category, each of which will get one free ticket to attend the evening awards. For more info on eligibility go to our awards announcement article.

So, that should do for now- we don’t want to cause you information overload!

I would love your input

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