Emerald City

The world authority on colour  and colour matching- Pantone, have declared Emerald to be the colour of 2013. Hearing this bought to mind a beautiful asymmetrical vintage Emerald green dress I sold on eBay- which I always wish I hadn’t- boohoo!

“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A colour of elegance and beauty
that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”-

I thought I’d pay homage to my lost Emerald dress via Dita Von Teese who wears Emerald so well…. And how many Emerald outfits does she own!


Classic colour popping trick of opposites on the red carpet (think colour wheel)

DitaVonTeese_Candids_at_LAX_050110_ (7)

So chic at the airport- with a carry on Kitty!


Leopard print accessories + emerald dress + red lips = drop dead gorgeous. Try it!

Frederick's of Hollywood Debuts Fall 2003 Collection - Arrivals

Those colours again. Because they work!


Just relaxing at home…..

the robot parade green dress

If you have the occasion- this one is a real stunner The Robot Parade from Etsy.c roberts green dressOr for something more practical this 1950’s day dress also from Etsy

Do you have a “go to” colour you always feel amazing in?

Black doesn’t count!



One response to “Emerald City”

  1. I LOVE wearing red (outfit/accessories/lippy… Though not all at once!)

    I guess wearing it on the red carpet would be a bad idea… Too much blending in.

    In that case, hot pink with black accessories!


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