Left handed toddler

My daughter has just turned three, and as she is developing and progressing its becoming clear that she prefers her left hand to write and draw with. My husband and I are both right-handed, most people I know are right handed (please shout up if I’m wrong) and I’m finding it fascinating and frustrating watching her attempt writing.

I’ve started looking into it and when right-handers naturally pull their pen across the page- left to right, left-handed people are pushing their pen across the page, leading to the pen or pencil digging in to the paper causing friction and disjointed mark making and smudging the writing or drawing they’ve just done.

Simple things such as letter formation, which I take for granted- she wants to do the opposite way, as its also tricky to see where you are writing if you are left handed, this can be corrected through having your paper at an angle to your body and in other ways I’ve yet to learn.

Anyway I found another Infographic (sorry if you dont like Infographics!)- this time on Pinterest, so I’m not sure of the origin.

Are you a lefty? Any tips for me to help my daughter?

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4 responses to “Left handed toddler”

  1. I am a proud leftie – by and large, I don’t feel it’s caused too many problems but handwriting is the main one I’ve encountered.

    I love the written word so as a young boy I forever had a pen or pencil in my hand, writing my own little books or drawing. I would recommend practice, practice and more practice. In recent years as I’ve used computers more, I’ve noticed an awkwardness when I pick up a pen. I find notebooks with spines on the left highly annoying and some writing apparatus are impossible to use such as a fountain pen. Smudged writing and inky hands are a common occurance unfortunately as is an ignorance among right handers.

    On a positive note, many of the world’s innovators and pioneers are left handed. Sir Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix weren’t bad either!

    I think my creativity stems from being a leftie so I believe it’s something to be proud of. Encourage her and she will achieve great things!


  2. My eldest child who is a girl ( she has two lil brothers) is a lefty. Her paternal grandfather was a lefty as well until his school changed it back in the 50s. As well as one of my husbands grandfathers who was an artist. I think it could be genetic since no one I know of in my family is a lefty. I encourage her leftiness-that is who she is, but it has been tricky teaching her to use scissors-I had to adjust myself. I think my two youngest will be righties.

    I have written notes to her teachers (she is only in Kindergarden) and reminded them that she is a lefty bc I do not want that to be changed-as sometimes Catholic Schools may change that.

    Its different for sure but just embrace but different is good 🙂 xox


  3. hi,

    I am a leftie and proud. Two right handed parents. I loved the infograph on lefties it made for interesting reading – I found myself saying I do that – I don’t do that.

    The one thing I will say to you is if your daughter is comfortable being left handed just let her be. My mum told me that teachers in my school tried to change me to right handed but I just couldn’t grasp it. Mum also told me that I tried to read from the right of the page to the outer side. Eventually obviously grew of out of that one. I reckon it was frustrating for my mum though.

    Some things I do with my left hand – for example I use the computer mouse with my left hand, I chop vegetables with my left hand however, I use a scissors with my right hand, iron with my right hand, wear my watch on my right hand. To this day – at the ripe ole age of 35 my mother still can’t stand to see me chop veg or iron for fear I am going to chop my hand off or burn myself. lol

    Writing is strange – because until you develop a style and comfort for yourself you can’t see what you are writing and smudge alot on the page and your pen ink on your hand. I also have the page tilted slightly so that I can see abit more. The right page is always slight down. ohh and to this day I still can’t draw a straight line without a ruler and even at that I have issues. that might just be me thought. lol

    Looking back over the infograph – I do still tend to set the table backwards every now and again – which is weird because I eat with the my knife and fork correctly. I think what you might find difficult is something I did – when your child goes to school and if they do knitting or sewing – she might find it harder to grasp as a right handed person is more than likely going to be teaching her. To this day, I can’t sew or knit. Everything just seems backwards to me – but to be honest – that is the only difficulty that I would still have today at 35. If thats all you have to worry about – not that bad really.

    embrace the difference – and accept that she won’t burn herself or chop fingers off – and you will be fine. If you have any questions let me know and I can ask my mum for yo or answer myself.

    hope this helps you in some way.

    I’m on twitter too – glamsusan


  4. Love the facts…I’m off to find myself a left handed man and hope he isn’t an alcoholic 😉 xx


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