The Gincident!

Well what happened? It got a bit sunny here in Manchester and I got a bit lot drunk over the weekend, so I kind of fell off the metaphorical blogging horse. I’m well and truly back in the saddle again now though and need to tell you all about Gin. Actually I cant do that as I cant remember that much (hic!) something about duch courage…?

Ahoy there! I think this drink was a Gimlet… Loving the glass.

Anyway what I can tell you is that The Liquorists are absolutely ace. They do all sorts to do with alcohol, like cocktail master classes, but what I experienced on Friday was a “Sauce Session with a Difference”, the main difference being we were on a barge. Yes, an actual boat- with gin. Its a potential disaster area if you know how clumsy I am, but with the promise of 5 gin cocktails, a load of food, historical and fun facts about gin, plus great company and the fact I didn’t have to queue for a drink sold it to me.

As it was, our party of three ended up being a party of two due to our friend being taken ill with Shingles. So I had the pleasure of my good friend Clippy as my shipmate- ahoy there! A quick plug for the Clipster- she is a food pioneer in Manchester and beyond with her apple business Clippys Apples. I’m so proud to be able to call her my friend as she’s worked so hard to build up her company, whom are now stocking the supermarket giants such as Tesco’s and Waitrose. I dont know about you but it annoys me when I go to the supermarket  and there are no British Apples for sale- Clippys products support the British apple industry so next time you are shopping, just try one! My favourite is the Apple Pie Conserve- also Delia Smiths apparently, see all the current products here.

This cocktail was the Martinez- in other words rocket fuel. This was the last good picture taken of me and Clippy!

Anyway, back to the gin! One half of the Liquorists, Tom welcomed us onto the boat. Charming and confident, he really know’s his stuff. You could probably ask him anything about alcohol and he’d know the answer. Tom chats away getting a bit of audience participation with, “Who know why they like Gin?”, the answer is clearly because of the botanicals and juniper and we were treated to a history of gin and where it came from.

If you want to know more details about what we actually drank, although ours was a different timed cruise so I think the drinks may have differed slightly, then go to the Things to do in Manchester blog, who clearly can hold their liquer bettter than I.

Seeing as we were on a boat I wore my Betty Page Captain Dress, a black pleated chiffon headscarf, which was hiding a wet set, a pair of 1950’s earrings and my red shoes from Rocket Originals. This has got to be one of the best nights out I’ve had of late- what’s yours?

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