Historical & Vintage Costume Hire

Vintage clothing is often beautiful, but it can also be fragile. This is why there is a demand for reproduction vintage and retro clothing for men and women.

But what if you could wear something that was stunningly well made and so well researched it could pass as actually from times past??

Step in the Royal Exchange Theatre costume hire department, based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. For £47+ VAT you can hire an outfit for a week- that includes accessories. Whilst we were visiting a young man was getting himself an outfit to wear for his garden party wedding in the summer. It makes fantastic economical sense when you think how much you can easily spend on an outfit- only to really wear it once.

The costumes range from Roman times right through to the late 1960’s and are made proffessionally in- house, there is  alsorts- from uniforms to coronation outfits (great for the upcoming Queens Jubilee!). These are unique costumes as each one has been made to fit a specific actor, so its not like walking into a hight street shop where they would have every size.

This is where the fantastic staff come in very handy, they really do know their stuff and you could go in with an idea of what you want, but then come out with something you never would have thought of wearing. The manager is a lady called Ludmila who has a background of archaeology and fashion! She certainly puts her historical knowledge to good use here. Ludmila is backed up by a brilliant team of volunteers full of passion for history and costume.

The personal service in the department is outstanding- you make an appointment and you get a whole hour to yourself, with the guidance of a member of staff to help you find the perfect costume for you.

Find them on Facebook and make an appointment by calling 0161 819 6660

or email costume.hire@royalexchange.co.uk

2 responses to “Historical & Vintage Costume Hire”

  1. What a great and unique find! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wonderful! I could live there!!! 🙂


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