Vintage Bath

Well hello there! Here we are, as promised, a follow up from my first Bath post about the Marilyn Monroe exhibition. With it being a girly weekend there was obviously shopping and cocktails involved as well as museums!

Clockwise from left to right; Scarlet Vintage, Oxfam BoutiqueThe Cosy Club and Black & White Dress Agency on Broad Street.

Scarlet Vintage was a tiny shop but had great high end vintage pieces- worth a visit if you’ve a party to attend and need to impress!

The Oxfam Boutique was laid out totally unlike a “normal” charity shop and had some brilliant bits in there, a long corduroy coat in purple for £15, really beautiful, but I restrained myself having just bought a long winter coat recently!

The Cosy Club is a really beautiful eatery, that had food and drinks to match! A must if you visit Bath and I think they do have other branches, but sadly, non up North.

And finally the Black & White Dress Agency was chock-a-block with vintage goodies at fair prices and were even open to a bit of bartering from my bargain hunting friend!

Have you had any luck vintage shopping whilst on a staycation recently? Do tell!

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