Marilyn Monroe in Bath

So I’ve just returned from a girls weekend in Bath, the main aim of which was to see the Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the American Museum just on the outskirts of Bath.

Understandably, but nevertheless frustratingly, there was a photography ban within the exhibition so, this is as close as I could get with a camera. But if you can get to Bath before the end of the month- then go!

It was so moving to actually see dresses she had actually worn and objects she’d kept with her throughout her life, for example this talisman (image care of Somerset Life) which she was given as a child and she believed it represented her becoming a star.

I ended up getting a bit emotional at the end of the exhibition, I probably looked like a right weirdo, crying and sniffling into my hankie!

Stay tuned for my bargain hunting guide to Bath later this week!

1 thought on “Marilyn Monroe in Bath”

  1. My wife and I would love to have visited this exhibition…sadly it will have finished before we would have been able to make the trip to Bath. Marilyn was featured several times in the Glamour of the Gods exhibition currently on at the National Portrait Gallery in London (review on my blog!)Love your blog – keep posting!


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